Possible Reasons Why Trump Is Soft On Putin.-RumourJuice.

Possible Reasons Why Trump Is Soft On Putin.-RumourJuice.

By  rumourjuice.com

The world has wondered why indeed president trump doesn’t enforce serious sanctions against Russia but is instead fraternizing with it President whom they seem to share a certain bromance.

The Question

Top Reasons Why Trump Is Soft On Putin.-RumourJuice.

Robert Mueller.- apnews.com

Robert Mueller’s surprise indictment of a baker’s dozen of Russians provides an opportunity for the White House press corps to harness the power of repetition. Every media availability should begin with the same question: “Mr. President, if your claim that there was no collusion with Russia is correct, then why do you refuse to condemn Vladimir Putin or enforce sanctions against Russia?"

Nonsense Sentences

Trump will likely respond with a series of nonsense sentences about the Steele dossier or “Crooked Hillary.” Whenever cabinet members and Trump mouthpieces appear on television, they should also be pressed to explain why the president is so soft on Putin if he truly has nothing to hide.

Yes, such an orchestrated approach runs against the journalistic traditions of obsessing on the day’s news and leaving crusading to the editorial page or its equivalent. But there is a strong set of counter-arguments based on the reality that the fractured attention span of reporters undermines the traditional agenda-setting role of the press.

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