Top 9 Free Shows To Watch On YouTube - RumourJuice

Top 9 Free Shows To Watch On YouTube - RumourJuice


Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu might be taking over the streaming wars, but never discount the original streaming platform: YouTube. Over the years, lots of budding creators have used the video-sharing platform as a hub to post their passion projects. And while the number of outlets continues to rise, YouTube still has many (free!) gems. Here are the top 10 amazing, free shows you can watch on YouTube.

1. The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl

The seeds for HBO's hit comedy Insecure were sown with this snappy web series more than half a decade ago. HBO's product is, of course, flashier and more fleshed out now, but if you dig into Mis-Adventures, you'll see how creator Issa Rae got her start, developed her voice, and laid the blueprint for one of TV's more innovative shows. Both offer a semi-autobiographical look at Issa Rae's titular awkwardness; both are insightful, funny, and worth your time.

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