Top 10 Hottest Men From Sweden.-RumourJuice.

Top 10 Hottest Men From Sweden.-RumourJuice.


Sweden, the Scandinavian nation that has graciously gifted the world with IKEA furniture, the amazing music of ABBA, and of course, Volvo station wagons.But one fact stands out and its unbeatable hands-down. The fact is that Sweden has also given the world some of the most gorgeous men alive. If you love drooling over gorgeous hot men, then you will love this list of the ten hottest from this Scandinavian nation.

1. Joel Kinnaman

Top 10 Hottest Men From Sweden.-RumourJuice.


This man is hot and just one look at him confirms it. Apart from his beautiful amber eyes that look like two perfect Swedish meatballs, Charles Joel Nordström, known professionally as Joel Kinnaman, is a Swedish actor. He is best known for playing the lead role in the Swedish film Easy Money a role that earned him a Guldbagge Award in the "Best Actor" category - and for his role as Frank Wagner in the Johan Falk film series. He starred on AMC's The Killing as detective Stephen Holder and played Alex Murphy in the 2014 reboot of RoboCop. After all these facts, you would want to stair at his beautiful amber eyes forever.

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