11 Things To Give Up And Be Truly Happy.-RumourJuice.

11 Things To Give Up And Be Truly Happy.-RumourJuice.

By  rumourjuice.com

In order to be happy, sometimes we have to make sacrifices. We might be clinging on to habits, things or people who make us unhappy and sometimes we are fully aware that they do but choose to continue holding on to them. Other people might not really be aware about what is making them unhappy, which result to them spending most of their days unhappy and unsatisfied by their current life.

However, often times there are things we can do to make ourselves happy and they don't involve moving mountains. They are things that when we give them up, we end up living better, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Further outlined are 12 things that you should definitely give up if you want to be truly happy.

1. Your excessive need to always be right.

11 Things That You Can Give Up To Be Truly Happy.-RumourJuice.


Do you find yourself going to great lengths just to prove yourself right? You might have ended great friendships, caused a great deal of stress and pain for yourself and others just to prove that you are right. You just can't stand the idea of being wrong. All that pain in the heart is not worth it. Whenever you feel like taking extreme measures just to prove yourself right, just ask yourself, "would I rather be right or would I rather be kind?" Often times it doesn't even make much difference, it just goes further to caress your ego which at that point is probably over-sized.

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