How To Get Things Right On The First Date.-RumourJuice.

How To Get Things Right On The First Date.-RumourJuice.


First dates are always something to look forward to. It could be a blind date or the date that you have been planning for weeks. You have been chatting on phone getting acquainted or meeting in public setups such as church or at the workplace working together. Whether or not you know this person, if you are going on a first date together, then it has to be special.

The first impression during a first date is very important and will determine whether there will be another date or even a relationship. Go to your first date well prepared. Pick out that dress or suit, shoes, get a haircut or go to the salon, manicure your hands in case you hold hands and make sure you smell nice. The little grooming details should all be gotten right because the first time your date looks at you that should smile because they are loving what they are seeing.

Next, you need to know the things to do and those not to do during your first date. Here are the dos and don'ts of a first date.

1. Be On Time

The First Date Dos and Don'ts.-RumourJuice.

Out on a

Showing up late on your first date can give the worst first impression especially if you are getting to know each other. If you have a good excuse on why you will show up late, let your date know in advance. However, try your best to show up early. If your date is picking you from your house, make sure you are dressed up and ready to leave when he comes knocking at the door.

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