Productivity Hacks Tested and Tried By Successful CEOs and Founders.-RumourJuice.

Productivity Hacks Tested and Tried By Successful CEOs and Founders.-RumourJuice.


Productivity is something that both business owners and employees struggle with. Untill you get your productivity right, you will hardly experience any growth or milestones in whatever business or project you are running.

Most of those startup owners who have become successful were productive every single day. They achieved great milestones because they did not allow anything to affect their productivity. This is why read about them frequently on blogs. Most of them will be generous and share their productivity hacks in order to inspire upcoming startup owners.

Here is a list of productivity hacks used by successful CEOs and founders.

1. Bryan Guido Hassin.-founder and CEO of Smart Office Energy Solutions.

13 Productivity Hacks Tested and Tried By Top CEOs and Founders.-RumourJuice.

Bryan Guido

Bryan Guido Hassin, a University professor and start-up junkie, uses "Airplane days." After noticing that he got some of his best work done on long intercontinental flights, Guido established "Airplane Days" to help him get things done. On "Airplane Days," Guido restricts his Internet access, removes distractions, and churns through his high priority to-do items. "At the beginning of each week, I carefully look at my schedule and declare one day (or two half days) to be Airplane Time. I block it out on my shared calendar and treat it as if I were in the air: working out of the office, disabling my phone, and shutting off network connections on my laptop. The rest of the days are for meetings, etc. but this blocked out time each week is my most productive by far.

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