Lifehacks For Anyone Moving To New York.-RumourJuice.

Lifehacks For Anyone Moving To New York.-RumourJuice.


New York City is one of the most thrilling, and rather irresistible cities in the world. But with its electrifying and tempting lifestyle, it is accompanied with a number of challenges and might not be lax on the faint hearts.

The city is undoubtedly a safe place for tourists, year in year out, with a variety of exciting things. If the tourist attractions are anything to go by, then this city just offers another level of life. You might mistake the city for being insomniac because it never sleeps.

The first timers have a story to tell of the congestion in the streets that makes navigation a hell of an experience. Like any other big city, it is competitive, demanding and crowded. But the shrewd locals have it all going on, having mastered all its hacks.

To smoothen your stay in NYC, the life hacks below will help lubricate your life there.

1. Tips on using the Subway

Lifehacks For Anyone Moving To New York.-RumourJuice.

NewYorkers are famous for using the train as the main means of transport. But most often you’ll find yourself standing the entire journey. This is however evitable if you are savvy enough to stand at the slightly cleaner areas towards the edge of the subway platform. The doors of the train will open just at your feet. Position yourself there as others alight. Then do what a lion does when a prey is in sight, take the opportunity and pounce for a seat. Such a simple trick, right?

But when you’re traveling up the west side, it may be wise to forget the subway and opt for the Path Train instead. Your journey may just prove comfortable than when using the crowded subway.

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