Game Of Thrones Season 8: How It Will Eventually End

Game Of Thrones Season 8: How It Will Eventually End


When popular HBO fantasy returns in 2019 for its 8 and final season, it is anybody's guess who will end the drama sitting on the Iron Throne. While the crew and cast are keeping their lips tightly shut, there are many great theories on how the eight season of Game of Thrones will end.

The end of Season 7 put all the pieces in place, and the final 6 episodes look intent on smashing the board up and breaking fan’ spirits in the process. What is going to happen with Jon and Dany? Will Jaime betray Cersei? And who is the Prince Who Was Promised? Read on to find out.

1. Daenyres' Ascension To The Throne Was Already Foretold

This is a pretty basic theory. Viewers who remember the prophecy a young Cersei received in a Season 5 flashback may think that everything the witch prophesied has already occurred. After all, Cersei got married to a king (Robert Baratheon) and not a prince (Rhaegar Targaryen), the king had 20 kids while she had 3 (all with Jaime Lannister her twin brother), and all 3 of her children died before her.

Yet, there is also the last point, that a "more beautiful, younger queen" would replace her. While she believed that implied her son's wife Margaery Tyrell, there is another young, pretty queen who wants the spot, and she also happens to have some dragons.

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