Top Little-known Facts About Switzerland.-RumourJuice

Top Little-known Facts About Switzerland.-RumourJuice


Switzerland is an amazing country that has given the world quite impressive inventions. There are various gadgets, innovations that are world- famous that came from this country. The people, foods, the places and travel destinations within this country are absolutely amazing.The country has a beautiful natural landscape and there are many other factors about this country that you will love knowing.

A few facts about Switzerland are as follows:-

1. Not Geneva, Not Zurich but Bern is the capital

Top little known facts about Switzerland.-RumourJuice


Most people and most-likely even you have wrongly assumed that either Geneva or Zurich is the capital of Switzerland. Others merely become incensed at this fact. Bern became the capital of the Swiss Confederation in 1848. As a bonus fact, Switzerland also doesn’t use the Euro but has its own currency. So next time you hear talk of the capital of Switzerland, you can go ahead and let everyone know that it is Bern.

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