Top 12 Most Liked Instagram Photos Of All Time

Top 12 Most Liked Instagram Photos Of All Time


If you're not on Instagram these days, then you're not even living. Much like what Facebook used to be, Instagram is now the place where news gets announced, a space to connect with people you'd probably never meet in real life and a chance to pull back the curtain on your favorite celebrity and see what their life looks like.

Almost one year ago, ranking the top 10 photos with the most likes ever on Instagram, the 10th position went to Taylor Swift with 2.6 million likes. As for the first, that went to Beyonce, with 10.9 million likes. However, times have changed, and a lot has happened since then! While there are many repeat award winners, there are also a lot of new and surprising additions to the list that you might not expect!

It is worth noting that these numbers and the list reflect stats during the date of publication

12. XXXTentacion — May 20, 2018 — 10,335,843 likes

The final (and only) photo posted to his account before his death, XXXTentacion kicks off the list as the 12th most liked photo on Instagram at the moment.

Captioned "LOVE IS WAR" the upsidedown black and white image has received almost 10.4 million likes since being posted on May 20th, 2018.

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