T-shirts On Sale With Hilariously Incorrect Quotes.-RumourJuice.

T-shirts On Sale With Hilariously Incorrect Quotes.-RumourJuice.

By  rumourjuice.com

We all have one of those T-shirts or several of them that have the image of a favorite band, tv show or a movie. So, if you ever feel like wearing a t-shirt with a logo of your favorite band look no more because there are many online shops that have you covered.

However, there are stores that will sell you T-shirts with your favorite band but what makes this fun and unique is the fact that the T-shirt's messages are incorrectly printed. The T-shirts are a great way to annoy your friends especially when you insist that it is 100% correct as soon as they point out the mistake.

Keep clicking next to see these hilarious shirts yourself, and have fun sharing your very own incorrect quotes.

1. Live Long T-shirt

T-shirts On Sale With Incorrect Quotes.-RumourJuice.

Dr. Spock.-mysoti.com

The Vulcan salute by Mr. Spock is featured in this T-shirt. That hand gesture was popularized by the 1960s television series Star Trek where Mr.Spock says, "live long and prosper" On this T-shirt however, the man is saying something close but quite different. This makes the T-shirt very funny especially to a Star Trek fan.