Lasse Matberg - Modern Viking Rocks Instagram

Lasse Matberg - Modern Viking Rocks Instagram


32-year-old officer of the Royal Norwegian Navy, Lasse Løkken Matberg, who looks like a modern Viking owns about 620k followers fan-base on Instagram. He became an Instagram-heartthrob with his muscular physique and long blond hair. Our Viking was early teased with derision because of his Bugs Bunny teeth.

The Norwegian with light golden hair, a thick beard, and a nicely inflated figure, shared out a series of photos, where he passionately pricks wood and tenderly hugs fluffy dogs.

The snaps instantly became viral and helped to collect 250 thousand followers in social networks in just five days.

“That was insane,” Lasse said, who fancies to call himself “your ordinary Viking in the neighborhood.” he continues: “I’m an ordinary guy from a seedy town in the center of Norway.”

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