Unforgettable Zlatan Moments

Unforgettable Zlatan Moments

By  rumourjuice.com

While Zlatan Ibrahimovic may not have hung up his boots just yet, he now does business for the Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer in the United States of America. With no disrespect intended towards the MLS, players that have gone there have usually gone off the radar, almost as though they have called it quits on the round leather game.

With Zlatan having said goodbye to European football, it seems right to bring up those moments from his past that made him the revered star that he is today. So here are the top 10 Zlatan moments.

#1. Goal against England

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was always a world class striker, but he shot himself to the blazing limelight when he netted this wonderful goal against England. Before that, most English supporters saw him as someone who failed at Barcelona.

Despite the fact that he had won the league in all the countries he played in—save England—he did not get the respect that he merited. This unreal over-head kungfu kick strike, however, changed all that. He ended the game with 4 goals to his name and also the respect of the Premier League fans.

#2. Destroying Arsenal

This is maybe his best moment in a Barcelona shirt. His time at Barca might not have been one to remember for him, but this game against Arsenal was when he took out the Gunners in their own backyard.

Manuel Almunia was one of the most eccentric shot-stoppers in the world, but he was having an unbelievable day against Barca. He single-handedly stopped the Blaugranas from scoring against him but lapsed in the second half.

Zlatan took full advantage of that scored and two past the Spaniard to give his team two vital away goals.

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