Top Little-known Facts About John Cena.-RumourJuice.

Top Little-known Facts About John Cena.-RumourJuice.


When the name John Cena pops up, what crosses your mind is that well-built wrestler, all-time favourite to some of us. He is among the few professional wrestlers who have graced our televisions since childhood, with moments when he showed his prowess and wrestled with passion. To us it is just an entertainment whilst he takes it as his career. He has proved to be an outstanding challenger, champion and game changer.

He has been in the WWE ring for over 15 years and has participated in an absolutely incredible number of matches, that is above 1000 matches. This has made earned him fame, respect and love from fans just like the likes of The Rock and Steve Austin. There are more than meets the eye – he is not just a mere wrestler, there’s something legendary about him that you might be thrilled to know.

1. 15 World Titles

Top Little-known Facts About John Cena.-RumourJuice.

John Cena Winning

He has won 15 world titles among which 4 have been at Wrestlemania. He holds the record of the Wrestlemania with only a few who were inches away from him. Steve Austin( also known as Stone Cold) and The Undertaker had a tie of 3 wins, one step away from him. With all those world titles and Wrestlemania wins, what else could we be looking for in a legend?

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