Little Known Tech Companies Which Are Revolutionizing The World.-Rumourjuice.

Little Known Tech Companies Which Are Revolutionizing The World.-Rumourjuice.


Some little known companies have started off with great entrepreneurial oomph and are making a name for themselves. While most companies might think inside the box and emulate what’s already in the market, some companies are totally going out. These companies are bringing revolution in the technology world. They have used innovation in technology to function more effectively and stand out. Frankly, technology in this century greatly impacts most of our lives. With this, it’s only a matter of time before these companies dominate the market.

Here are 9 companies that could be unicorns in the future.

1. My Size

Little known tech companies which are revolutionizing the world.-Rumourjuice.

My Size

My Size is an Israel based technology company that has found solution to your personal size measurement. This company has brought measurement tools to your smart phone making both the retailer’s and your job easier. Unless you are a contractor or seamstress, you won’t be caught dead with a tape measure in your bag. However, most often than you’d like, you are unsure of your measurements and would greatly do with some assistance. This is where My Size comes in, through their app, MySizeID. The app allows online customers to create a personal profile of their measurements. With this, irrespective of where or what brand you desire to buy, you always have accurate reading of your measurements. How much easier can life get?

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