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11 Interesting Facts About Saoirse Ronan

With a Golden Globe under her belt and Lady Bird in the running for a whole host of other accolades this award season, Saoirse Ronan is once again in the spotlight. It was only two years ago that her turn in Brooklyn saw her on every red carpet in Hollywood, but this year she’s back to take another stab at bagging as many trophies as possible.

The Irish-American actress has wowed everyone in everything from teen sci-fi to poignant drama, and at only 23, it’s safe to say there’s many more where that came from. Here are 11 interesting facts to help you know the girl with the famously unpronounceable name a little bit better.

  1. Her Big Break Was in Atonement

Saoirse already had a host of credits to her name by the time she was cast in Joe Wright’s 2007 film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement, but it was this film that really launched her incredible career. She played 13-year-old Briony Tallis, who misunderstands what she sees on a Summer night in 1935, setting off a dramatic chain of events. Romola Garai and Vanessa Redgrave played the older versions of the character.


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