Top coolest things about Fortnite (video game).-RumourJuice.

Top coolest things about Fortnite (video game).-RumourJuice.


Checking for the trending games in 2018 especially on Twitch, will definitely confirm that Minecraft is the top in the list, with millions of people from across the globe subscribing to it. It has advanced features that make it easy to understand and play.

While some people enjoy playing this game, others like spectating as it gives pleasure to do so as well. The number of people subscribing every twenty-four hours is increasing exponentially, thus proving that this game is becoming more popular as time goes. Hereunder are some truths about this game that is taking the world by storm.

Top coolest things about Fornite (video game).-RumourJuice.

1. Rise of imitators

Fortnite was introduced into the market barely seven years ago. During that time the developers of video games were celebrating a thousand years since the first video game was developed. This game started trending in a tremendous move, but not until a game with more advanced features called Player Unknown’s Battleground was introduced into the market. A look into PUB game would lead the whole world into the conclusion that Fortnite had done a very poor job in imitating PUB, hence the developers of Fortnite had to sit down and work on it. Otherwise, PUB game would have kicked it out of the market for good.

PUB was not the only threat to Fortnite because, after its launching, several other games such as Crazy Justice which are mimics of Fortnite have been introduced into the market.

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