The Best Home Assistants For 2018

The Best Home Assistants For 2018


1. Best Overall

Sonos One

($200 on Sonos and Amazon)

The Best Home Assistants For 2018

The Best Home Assistants For 2018

There are speakers that can belt out songs louder, and others that are more portable, but no smart speaker is a better value than the Sonos One right now. It sets the bar in a number of areas, including sound quality, smart home compatibility, and multi-room audio.

On the audio front, the Sonos One is practically unrivaled. Apple’s HomePod is the only speaker we have heard that may best it in sound, but even it does not blow the One away. The fact that you can actually buy two Sonos Ones for the cost of a single HomePod also should not be ignored. The Sonos One “plays just about everything under the sun” thanks to its reliable Sonos app. It connects to over 65 different music and audio services.

The Sonos One is also the sole Wi-Fi smart speaker that can be seamlessly paired with a ton of other speakers and join with your home theater setup. Because it supports Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, it connects to most smart home gadgets, too. Sonos guarantees that an update adding Google Home support is on the way this year, which may make it the first smart speaker to support both major voice assistants.

If you are going to buy one speaker, this will bring your home the most joy (and jams).

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