Top 10 Little Known Facts About Travis Scott

Top 10 Little Known Facts About Travis Scott


Travis Scott doesn't hold himself to any standards outside of the ones he set for himself. Since 2012, the Houston native has experienced a sort of sudden rise in the hip-hop industry. From signing to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. imprint as a producer to working closely with everyone from T.I. to Young Thug, Scott is aware of his standing amongst the young gunners in rap -- even if he's not comfortable with the label.

He's adamant about being seen as taking his music far beyond what's considered hip-hop. Still, Scott has contributed to the genre in more ways than one since his ascent to stardom. From his small beginnings to his rise to stardom, here are some facts about one of Houston's most talented musical forces - Travis Scott.

1. His new album, Astroworld is named after a now-closed theme park he used to go to in Texas

In a Rolling Stone profile from earlier this year, Scott elaborates on the now-defunct Astroworld amusement park – “It had a Dungeon Drop, Greezed Lightnin’, Superman,” he recalls. “It was a way of life – fantasies, imagination.”

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