Top Mysterious Messages In A Bottle.-RumourJuice

Top Mysterious Messages In A Bottle.-RumourJuice


For centuries people have written messages in bottles. Those who have found these messages have been intrigued and wanted to know more about the sender of the message. The messages have marked various historic times and have actually been from the people of history. Some messages in bottles have dated as far back as a century ago. The messages have ranged from loving, heart-wrenching , historical and very mysterious.

Here are the top messages in a bottle that have been widely known.

1. A Haunting Message From The Titanic

Top mysterious messages in a bottle.-RumourJuice


Many people have undoubtedly wondered over the years if any of the Titanic passengers had the time and presence of mind to write a note, find a bottle, and toss it into the Atlantic as the great ship was sinking. Well, it turns out someone did.

A young Irishman named Jeremiah Burke was traveling with a cousin to join their family in Boston. He was off to start a new life and was excited about the possibilities. So, when the Titanic began to sink and Burke realized he would perish, he managed to write out a note. Before his departure from Ireland, his mother had given him a small bottle of holy water. In his last moments, Burke put his note into the bottle and cast it into the sea. His note read:

"From Titanic, goodbye all, Burke of Glanmire, Cork."

Sadly, both Burke and his cousin perished in the sinking and his poignant message washed ashore in the bottle a year later, just a few miles from his home.

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