NBA Star LeBron James Opened 'I Promise' Public School

NBA Star LeBron James Opened 'I Promise' Public School


It is a public school within the Akron school system meaning that the teachers that are hired are union and benefit from the districts collective bargaining agreement (CBA). However, that might be where the similarities with a traditional public school end.

The school will work under an expanded school schedule. Yes, to all of the education reformers out there the teachers union agreed to a school year that begins on July 30th, has a longer school day, and provides non-traditional hours for access to the school's facilities and staff.

Students are chosen for the school, not based on a lottery or test scores, but by those in the district who are deemed to need the most help.

One of the major concerns in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in that parents may not be home after school to help their children do their homework and stay out of trouble. With a longer day, the students can get some of that needed support.

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