Facts About Venom you need to know before watching the movie.-RumourJuice.

Facts About Venom you need to know before watching the movie.-RumourJuice.

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Any chance of a solo venom movie? By the look of things this seems to be the case. Going by its teaser, Tom Hardy as Venom/Eddie Brock has the sensitive lone wolf thing down to a science by now. Also, Michelle Williams, who is presumably playing Eddie Brock's ex-wife, is one of the finest actresses today. So this has a lot of promise and we can hope for a great performance. But the worry is there will be no Spider-Man to fixate on and obsess over, and everyone is wondering if venom can make his own movie watchable.

Still, Venom has evolved into a surprisingly complex character. Here are top more facts about him that would be nice to know.

1. How Oily writhing black came to be venom.

Top Things You Didn't Know About Venom.-RumourJuice.

Venom and Spiderman.-pinterest.com

Venom is the result of Peter Parker's screw ups. The oily, writhing black substance, the symbiote, grafted itself to Spider-Man's costume during Secret Wars, enhancing his already considerably impressive superpowers in addition to giving him a cool makeover. After rejecting the parasitic symbiote, it attached itself to Eddie Brock, a disgruntled journalist whose hatred of the wall crawler was unparalleled. Together they were Venom, a stronger, more demonic version of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Venom, who is not exactly a big picture kind of villain, vowed to make Peter Parker's life a living hell.

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