Top 10 Famous Singers with Unique Voices in Music

Top 10 Famous Singers with Unique Voices in Music


Have you ever heard of this person’s unique voice? A proven fact is that not all great singers have conventionally great voices. We've compiled a list of the top ten famous singers with the unique voices in music. These people have voices which cannot easily be imitated by other singers and impersonators.

10. Peter Cetera

The original lead singer of the rock band Chicago. Cetera's trademark singing style would develop as a result of having to sing for a period with a wired-shut jaw after getting into a brawl at a Los Angeles Dodgers game in 1969. Peter left the band during the mid-80’s and was replaced by Jason Scheff. Jason is a good singer, but the range of Peter is high for inches and has a more bright tone in the highs. And Jason when he places a muscle in the highs, the note loses a bright tone. The solution was singing half key down.

Cetera's voice has typically been classified as a tenor.

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