15 Little-Known Facts About The Skarsgård Family

15 Little-Known Facts About The Skarsgård Family

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While everyone is busy focusing on the Royal Family or keeping up with the Kardashians, there’s another epic family that we all need to talk about – the Skarsgårds.

Whether you realize it or not, you likely know of one if not more of the Skarsgård men, and you’ve seen at least one of their movies. Stellan Skarsgård, patriarch and all around cool, hippy dad, is responsible for gifting us with these tall, handsome, and talented individuals.

So what is it that makes this Swedish power family tick? We’ve gathered some of the craziest facts about the Skarsgårds that will give you a glimpse into what their family life is like outside of the spotlight.


20 Little-Known Facts About The Skarsgård Family

Little-Known Facts About The Skarsgård Family

Stellan and his children have always been very open about their family life. They all grew up in Stockholm, Sweden in an environment that fueled their creative freedom.

Alex, especially, has talked extensively about how relaxed and loving their household was. There were regular dinner parties and tons of people coming in and out all the time.

In an interview with Elle, Alex explains their household as a community, saying "I was raised by this whole community of artists. It was pretty wild. Illegal substances floating around... I was born in the late '70s. There was so much love there."

While the brothers generally have all good things to say about their upbringing, Alex also remembers some strange situations. As he got older, bringing girls to the house became a bit of an issue.


20 Little-Known Facts About The Skarsgård Family

Little-Known Facts About The Skarsgård Family

On top of being incredibly attractive and talented, Alex has a passion for charity too. In 2013 he participated in an event for Walking With the Wounded - a charity that focuses on helping Veterans re-integrate back into civilian life. Prince Harry is a patron of the charity and helped to organize the event that Alex took place in.

The event was a race to the South Pole, where three teams including wounded soldiers compete to raise money for the charity.

Alex may be as fit as they come, but it was still an incredibly difficult race - 200 miles to be exact.

The teams had to pull sleds to the pole's most southern point. At times temperatures dropped to almost 49 degrees below zero, and winds got as high as 50 mph. It took them three weeks to reach the finish line. The goal was to show that, despite injury from their time in the military, these veterans can still do amazing things.

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