18 Most Important Things To Know Before Dating An Australian

18 Most Important Things To Know Before Dating An Australian

By  rumourjuice.com

Aussies are awesome. Sure, they're weirdly specific about coffee, psychotically patriotic, especially when caught in other countries (the national sporting colors are green and gold, by the way), prone to getting weepy at Qantas ads, and peculiarly ignorant about the rules of baseball, but They're a pretty cool country. And while they're as full of weirdos, emotionally bizarre lunatics, and sleazes as any other country, Australians have an abject advantage in the dating pool: everybody automatically thinks dating an Australian is cool. Unfortunately, they're often quickly disillusioned and drawn into an argument about cricket.

If you find yourself dating an Aussie, these are the 11 things you are just going to have to accept. Or at least try to accommodate with as much grace as possible.

1. There is not one Australian accent; there are many.

Much as you may not be able to tell apart a Sydneysider from a Melbournite, Aussies can. (Particularly because Sydney and Melbourne have a hilarious rivalry going on, and if you're looking to date a resident from one city, you may have to pretend the other doesn't exist.) Hell, it's possible for Australians to tell which suburb you're from. Add to that the fact that a lot of them have lived and worked overseas, and it's a toss-up whether any of them sound similar at all.

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