11 Good Lessons Learned From Dating An Australian.-RumourJuice.

11 Good Lessons Learned From Dating An Australian.-RumourJuice.

By  rumourjuice.com

Australian men are very interesting people as per the stereotypes, yes there is the Blonde hair, surfer dude look, beach bum probably, great talent for making a good BBQ, loves a good beer with anything and so on. Of course not all of them fall under the described category, but when you go to Australia and interact with the few, you will definitely find most of the described aspects within them. When it comes to dating one, American women have described the experience as quite interesting and very different from dating the American guy.

Here are good lessons that one woman learned from dating a jolly brother from the land down under.

1. Don’t think those are his friend’s real names

9 Good Lessons Learned From Dating An Australian.-RumourJuice.

A guy with his friends.-lanske.ru

Okay not because his friends are criminals and are using aliases but Australians just have this natural penchant for nicknames and shortening their names. You will find that his friends are actually called short names that are completely sound different from what the real name is. Don’t be surprised if you hear names like “Muzza”, “Lawz”, “Jordo”, “Pinky”, “Smithy”. They could be a shortform for anything and not really what you are thinking. As you hear the names don’t take them for the real names and you can always ask but chances are, they will shorten your own name too even if it is already short!

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