Top Most Hated People In Football.-RumourJuice.

Top Most Hated People In Football.-RumourJuice.


The beautiful game of football has been surrounded by scumbag owners, downright filthy players, dire pundits and the whole shebang of reviled individuals. There are definitely good reasons why these people are in this list and it is true they are hated. Most of them being the villains that they are don't mind the public outrage at all.

Here is the list of the top hated people in football.


Top Hated People In Football.-RumourJuice.


In the eyes of the fashion world, his biggest crime is wearing a football shirt over a normal shirt (and under a suit jacket) yikes! Yet Cardiff City fans have bigger grievances against this man. When this Malaysian billionaire took over the Welsh club in 2010, they’d just missed out on Premier League promotion.

Although his investment helped the Bluebirds attain that prize, it came at a cost. Despite overwhelming opposition from fans, Tan pushed through a rebrand from the City’s traditional blue to a red hue favored in Asia. The change lasted just three years, but Tan’s total disregard for a club’s tradition won him no friends in south Wales and instead got him a legion of angry fans to this day.

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