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A list of essential Satisfactory cheats – March 2021

Satisfactory, built by Coffee Stain Studios, is all about construction and automation. It is a first-person open-world factory building game that affords players interactive exploration and combat. An engineer is dropped in alien territory and ought to utilize available resources to construct meaningful factories for automation. Although, on paper, the game appears ordinary and would easily be labelled as a simple factory building game, it is more than that. Satisfactory cheats increase the fun of the open-world exploration game. Which ones should you utilize?

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It is integral to learn more about Satisfactory game cheats and the necessary steps you ought to take to access them.

How to access Satisfactory cheats and console commands

Players looking to take advantage of codes for Satisfactory ought to meet particular prerequisites. First, one needs to activate the console, and it is possible through the following process:

  • Open the game as you usually do.
  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + L keyboard shortcut combination.
  • After pressing the keyboard shortcuts, you can click the tide button (~) to access the enabled console.

Always remember that Satisfactory doesn’t save the previous state of the console. Therefore, every time you open the game, you will go through the above process of enabling the console before accessing it. This is the only way to allow you to apply cheats.

Also, the console might fail to work in certain instances. If this happens, you can try to alter the language of your keyboard to the UK-English version. So, what are the cheats for Satisfactory that you should utilize immediately?

List of Satisfactory console commands

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These are the available Satisfactory console commands you can apply in your game.

  • ?: Displays a list of full console commands.
  • Gamma [number]: change the level of gamma (brightness).
  • MaterialFlowAnalysis recipeName (FString): Find the necessary elements per second for all the elements that can be created. This requires a large console command line window.
  • r.Atmosphere (either 0 or 1): Activate or deactivate the atmosphere.
  • r.Fog (0 or 1): Turn fog on or off.
  • r.ViewDistanceScale: Sets the distance to represent elements.
  • r.ScreenPercentage (percent): Sets the internal resolution scale, using sparing depending on your PC build.
  • r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight (a number between 0-1): Sets the current internal frame’s impact on the final image.
  • r.TemporaryAAFilterSize: Sets the distribution of TAA samples. A value of below 1 sharpens the image.
  • r.TemporaryAASamples (number): Sets the number of samples to be used for TAA.
  • r.Tonemapper.Sharpen (number): Sets the amount of a simple focus filter.
  • Statistics unit: Shows information about various graphical statistics like frame time, game time, draw time, and more.
  • Suicide: M ties the player.
  • Stat FPS: Show an FPS counter.
  • Statistics levels: Displays level streaming information.
  • t.MaxFPS (number): Set the maximum frame rate (set the value to 0 for unlimited).
  • FOV (number): Sets the field of view (Recommended not to use a value greater than 150).
  • ShowDebug (DebugType): Using this command with any DebugType will show the player’s name, coordinates in the world, owner, base eye height, rotation and the instigator, as well as additional information depending on which DebugType you have used.

Certain Satisfactory cheats PC codes will not work even though they are displayed under the “?” command. These include Fly, Ghost, GiveItem, and Teleport. It is also integral to note that they are applicable in February 2021 and longer as long as the commands are active.

Satisfactory cheats Debug Types

The following ShowDebug commands are easily applicable in the game.

  • AI: shows info about AI near the player.
  • AKAUDIOSOURCES: displays info about active audio sources.
  • ANIMATION: displays information about the type of frame animations.
  • BONES: shows info about Bone connections.
  • CAMERA: gives you info about the cameras.
  • CIRCUITS: displays info about the circuits.
  • COLLISION: displays info about collisions.
  • FACTORY: displays info about the player-built structures.
  • FACTORYCONNECTIONS: displays info about the Factory connections.
  • FORCEFEEDBACK: shows info about the force feedback values.
  • INPUT: displays info about the input method currently used.
  • NET: displays info about multiplayer connection.
  • NONE: displays only default info.
  • PHYSICS: displays info about the velocity components.
  • POWER: displays info about the power.
  • RADIATION: displays info about the radiation.
  • RADIATIONSPHERES: displays info about the radiation spheres.
  • Reset: hides the debug info.
  • SIGNIFICANCEMANAGER: displays info about the significance of sounds.
  • TRACKS: displays info about the Railroad subsystem.
  • VEHICLE: displays info about the current vehicle.
  • WEAPON: displays info about the current weapon.

How to utilize cheat engine on Satisfactory

It is easy and straightforward and you can utilize the following process:

  • Install the Cheat Engine.
  • Double click the. CT file to open it.
  • Hit the PC icon with your mouse in Cheat Engine to choose the game process.
  • Keep the list.
  • Activate the trainer alternative by choosing the boxes or setting values from 0 to 1.

Once you are informed about these Satisfactory cheats, playing the game ought to be comfortable and straightforward. Also, your overall gaming experience is going to improve considerably.


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