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Amazing Kenshi mods that improve gameplay

Amazing Kenshi mods that improve gameplay

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Kenshi (meaning swordsman in Japanese) is a role-playing game developed by Lo-Fi Games. It offers gamers a sandbox gameplay feature, which affords them complete freedom to do whatever they desire in the gaming world. The game is set in an unrelenting world of bloodthirsty cannibals, starving bandits, brutal slavers, and wild beasts. Your tactics and gaming prowess will allow you to survive. Although the game comes with unique features, players can utilize Kenshi mods to elevate their experience. This means improving numerous things that would ordinarily be regular and lack a captivating appeal.

Imagine having more capabilities than what the stock gaming software provides. Who wouldn’t want to experience an “adrenaline-filled” version of their favourite game? Imagine the tweaks you can do that alter certain functionalities and features for a better encounter. Doing it is easy, as all you need are mods.

And since Kenshi is an enriching game, you would probably get immersed in the newly-tweaked user interface. Attempt it, you will love the new environment.

How to install Kenshi mods using Vortex

You can install Kenshi mods in various ways. Although one can install it directly from the game, the most common via the Vortex platform.

Before starting the mod installation process, ascertain that you have Kenshi and Vortex installed in their default locations. On top of this, confirm that you are logged into your Nexus Mods account in Vortex.

  1. Open Vortex and go to the games section. Ordinarily, the game ought to be under the “managed” tab. If you cannot locate it here, check the “discovered” section. Utilize the “manage” button to include it in your managed games.
  2. Once you activate support for the game, you will get a pop-up from the Windows operating system asking whether you want the software to make alterations.  Click “yes” on the notification to continue with the installation.

The actual installation process is relatively easy and straightforward. Once you have all prerequisites installed and ready, you can move to the next step. The installation pattern is the same, and you don’t have to apply different actions for diverse types of mods. All are installed the same way. You can do it using the following steps:

  1. Visit the Nexus Mods offiial online platform for Kenshi and select the mod that you desire.
  2. You will discover two buttons that will allow you to download the mod directly via Vortex. The first button located in the top right section of the page enables gamers to download the primary file only. The other button is on the “files” tab of the mod page, and you can access the mod once you click the “mod manager download” button file.
  3. Once the file has downloaded through Vortex, click the “install” button. You can also head to the “mods” section in Vortex and hit the “never installed” button.
  4. After the mod installation is complete, the button will change to “disabled.” You can click on it once more to make it active. Another way of doing it is by using the button located in the notification section.
  5. Once you press the game’s play button, it will load with the mod enabled. Ascertain that you click on the box next to mods to enable in Vortex. It is the only way that you can make sure everything loads correctly.

The only way to verify if the desired mod is successfully installed is through the mods menu in-game.

Installing Kenshi mods via game directly

Installing Kenshi mods via game directly

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Did you know that you can install Kenshi mods directly to the game? Yes, it is possible, and you can do it by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Search and download all the Kenshi mods you want from a reliable source.
  2. Unzip the contents of the zip folder to \Kenshi\Mods\. If you cannot locate the folder, try opening the game or create it.
  3. Open the game and enable the mod in-game.

That is all you need to install the desired mod directly to the game.

How to install through Steam

One of the most exciting things about Kenshi mods is that Vortex can install and easily manage mods. This easily applicable for both the Steam and GOG.com versions. However, only those that were installed from Nexus or manually dropped into Vortex will be visible. If you don’t fancy this process, you can install the desired mod directly through Steam.

  1. Locate the mod on the Kenshi Workshop platform.
  2. Visit mod’s online page and press the subscribe button (you should be logged in).
  3. Wait until files are downloaded (make sure your steam app is running and you can access the internet).
  4. Once done, enable mods in-game.

It is a straightforward procedure that ordinarily takes a short time to complete.

The best Kenshi mods to install

Now that you know how to install Kenshi mods, you can start searching for the best in the niche to improve your gaming experience. Whether it is quality of life mods or a small one that allows small corrections, here are a few mods that you ought to consider including in your game.

Trade routes intensified

One of the exciting parts of Kenshi is the trading part, and the trade routes intensified mod makes it even more fascinating. The mod allows players to play around with their faction’s economy. It alters the supply and demand dynamics to create a demand that a gamer can exploit to profit when trading. Isn’t that amazing?

This mod makes it even more enjoyable for the player to explore different areas to sell the items they get from bandits.

Tamed beasties

Tamed beasties Mod

Photo: tamed beasties, youtube.com, @ weezact7,

The Kenshi gaming universe is full of wild animals. Imagine taming a number of them. Wouldn’t it be fun? The tamed beasties mod allows a gamer to do precisely this. Once tamed, you can use these beasts in battle or even help you in transport. Another great thing about the mod is that it allows players to gain the beast’s trust and follow their directions.

Player’s slavery

If you wonder how to make mods work for you, you should try the player’s slavery. It is one of the most famous Kenshi mods among fans as it is a way of playing an evil tyrant’s role.

Even though players can buy slaves in the game and use them as they desire, the mod provides more capabilities. Gamers can make captured enemies to work for them. On top of that, it has an optional feature that gives gamers the power of converting slaves to soldiers that can counter attack or riot.

Adventurer’s guild

The adventurer’s guild mod is another amazing tweak to add to your game. It allows a gamer to procure the services of another individual to facilitate the hiring process. Even better, you can set up an apocalyptic employment agency that headhunts local recruits for your empire and get paid.

Enhanced shopping economy

It isn’t easy running an empire, and the enhanced shopping mod affords players the capability of amassing the desired resources. By default, you can start your business; however, since the economy is terrible, the NPCs will go broke buying your items.

The enhanced economy mod fixes this economy problem by gradually regenerating NPCs’ money stored in Kenshi. This mod has a particular optional setting that makes it highly convenient.

Biome map

Ordinarily, gamers can easily access a giant map containing information about the entire continent and the prerequisite labels. However, it is hard knowing where one’s biome begins and the other person’s ends. The biome map mod eliminates this problem by overlaying the map with an optional colouring pattern.

The custom colour helps to identify and sperate all the biomes quickly. The tweaked map gives players better visibility in the plan and comprehension of various landmarks. Although it doesn’t make a massive difference, it brings a substantial change in the map that many would find very useful.

Populated cities

Populated cities Mod

Photo: steamcommunity.com

The Kenshi universe is a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of creatures, bandits, and a deficient population. Some gamers prefer having a higher population in the cities and settlements and can make this possible using the populated cities mod.

It adds more numbers to the game and creates a realistic touch by assigning schedules. This mod is one of the best as it brings more life into the play, which wasn’t easy to facilitate with the stock game’s functionalities.

Interesting recruits

Gamers would agree that the default recruits in Kenshi without mods is boring. The impressive recruits mod allows players to encounter 25 recruits in the desert with backstories, unique dialogue and even packs. That is pretty amazing.

Another great thing about the impressive recruits mod is that players can hire bored farmers, reformed bandits, veteran soldiers, cannibals and many more. The additional recruits add more flavour to your army, creating an exciting squad.

Peeler machine

As the name suggests, the peeler machine mod allows players to strip a body of its limbs and apply it to another character. Although it is one of the most disturbing Kenshi mods, gamers have found it very useful to improve their experience significantly.

The mod comes in handy when hiring recruits that have lost limbs and require replacement. Keep in mind that whatever you utilize the machine for is a gory and scary experience reserved for the fearless players.

Longer merc contract

The longer merc contract allows gamers to hire mercenaries for longer than the four days the game offers. Once installed, players can engage bodyguards for seven days and the outpost guards for thirty days.

Mercenaries are an essential part of the game as they help players defend a caravan or act as protection in various instances. You don’t have to let them go and search for them for rehiring after four days with this mod. It makes everything simpler.

Faction caravan

The faction caravan mod brings caravans to the game, which is a crucial tweak that many players would enjoy. Once installed, gamers can find Holy Nation caravans delivering supplies between cities or the Trader’s Guild making a trade run.

Dark user interface

Dark user interface Kenshi mod

Photo: facebook.com, @Kenshi Official

If you have a problem with Kenshi’s user interface, you can use the dark UI mod to alter its appearance. It only alters the layout’s colour, which creates a huge impact even though it doesn’t change much in its graphics.

Recruitable prisoners

The recruitable prisoner’s mod is a great tweak to the game as it allows gamers to recruit prisoners for their cause. Ordinarily, prisoners don’t have any use after one is done with them other than selling to the highest bidder. With this mod, you can increase your chances of survival by having other people in your faction without using the official route.

256 squad limit

256 squad limit is another excellent addition to Kenshi mods that gamers love. What does it do to the game? Ordinarily, players have a recruitment limit of 30. Once the 256 squad limit is installed and activated, players can create a squad between 30 and 256. On top of this, gamers get the advantage of having 20 squad members instead of the default five.

Reactive world

If you have been looking for the best Kenshi mod, then the reactive world is probably the one. The mod initiates massive changes in the gaming world as characters start behaving realistically. For instance, bandits can descend into civil war once their leader is murdered as they look for a new king.

Kenshi mods behave the same way as other game mods that share the same structure and code. The primary intent is to enhance the user experience by providing tweaks that don’t come with the stock gaming software. One doesn’t have to look for another game to enjoy a particular feature as they can apply it in the game using mods.

Whatever you are thinking about to make the game more interesting likely has a mod. Install it and have fun, and you can even find out more on how to edit mods to have more functionalities.


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