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Downloading and installing Pathfinder Kingmaker mods

Downloading and installing Pathfinder Kingmaker mods

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Are you a fan of the isometric role-playing game Pathfinder Kingmaker? The bare and untweaked game is captivating, but what if you can activate some changes using creative mods? Of course, it will be a plus for your gaming experience as you will have the capability of accessing features beyond what comes with the stock gaming software. So, what are the best Pathfinder Kingmaker mods to install?

The Pathfinder Kingmaker mod collection is remarkable. They do pretty much what they say, improving a gamer’s experience. Mods allow you to add new classes, feats, spells and specific character options that push the gamer closer to a tabletop experience.

How to install mods in Pathfinder Kingmaker

Any mod installation in Pathfinder Kingmaker requires the Unity Mod Manager (UMM). This tool allows gamers to utilize mods in games that do not officially support modding. How does it work?

The software is divided into the installers and the mod loader that operates inside the desired game. When installing UMM on your computer, the software patches the mod loader, including game files and copies of additional files to the game folder. This makes it easy for loading mods.

Upon launching a game, the Unity Mod Manager loads all mods from the “mods” folder, which automatically opens the UMM user interface. You can utilize keyboard short cut CTRL + F10 to close and open it as desired.

Another essential thing to note about the mod manager is that it cannot automatically download mods. However, if you don’t block it on your firewall, it will check for updates when necessary.

The Unity Mod Manager installation process is easy and straightforward, and you can follow the following steps:

  1. Download the UMM zip file from a reliable source.
  2. Extract the zip file to the preferred destination, probably the desktop (Don’t extract it to the game folder directly).
  3. On the extracted folder, locate UnityModManager.exe and run it as administrator.
  4. The launcher ought to open, but if not, install Net Framework 4.
  5. Choose the desired game folder from the displayed list if it is not automatically selected.
  6. Choose the preferred installation method (DoorstopProxy is preferred if available. Select Assembly for Origin games.)
  7. Hit the “install” button.

How does one install mods after having UMM on their computer and already integrated with Pathfinder Kingmaker? You must first know how to download mods for Pathfinder Kingmaker first before moving to the installation process. Nonetheless, you will use the following procedures to enjoy the desired mods:

  1. Download the desired mod from a reliable source.
  2. Extract the contents of the folder and place them in the “mods folder.
  3. Open that game and start enjoying the installed mod.

It is integral to not the UMM installation process for Mac is slightly different from the above process for the Windows operating system.

Pathfinder modding – why should you do it?

If you have ever played Pathfinder Kingmaker, you will agree that it is a fun game. Imagine having the capability of playing around with certain aspects of the game through modding. Wouldn’t it be a fun experience as you can tweak whatever you desire as long as the mod allows?

Modding is a popular activity that permits players to modify games and create new content in the gaming world. Everything relies on the specific game and the capabilities of the mod. Interestingly, a majority of the biggest names in PC gaming began as mods.

Pathfinder Kingmaker mods can be as simple and as complicated as you desire. Most people mod to unlock creativity, build skills, elements that make the gaming experience better and more engaging.

The Best Pathfinder Kingmaker mods worth trying

The Best Pathfinder Kingmaker mods worth trying

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Mods are the best way to switch things up whenever you want to improve your gaming experience massively. And Pathfinder Kingmaker possesses some of the best, from new character portraits to full additional classes and many more.

Scale XP

Pathfinder Kingmaker is all about unlocking and uncovering numerous equipment and skills. However, it is hard reaching the desired level in a single playthrough to enjoy all the wins available in the game. That is why the scale XP mod is so crucial to an enthused gamer.

This mod allows players to level up faster, more so at higher levels. Higher levels are hard to level up as new ascensions require more time than the previous one. With the scale XP mod, you don’t have to waste your time trying to make it through as you scale you up faster and easier.

Zoom unlocked

You know how dishertening it can be when you view something in a fixed camera angle and limited zoom options in any isometric RPG game. And Pathfinder Kingmaker is a victim of this weakness. Fortunately, with the zoom unlocked mod, one can unlock certain zoom features that allow players to zoom in and out of a game as they desire.

On top of this, the mod adds another capability to take amazing screenshots to appreciate your character. If you were wondering where to put mods, then this is the perfect way of taking advantage of one of the most useful ones for a better view.

Camera rotation

Camera rotation is another exciting mod that adds better visibility to the game. This customization gives gamers the capability of rotating the camera around their character instead of staying in the original fixed isometric perspective.

You are probably wondering what other benefits this mod gives gamers other than rotation capability. The better viewing angles makes turn-based combat more comfortable, providing gamers with different viewing angles that they can use to plan their next move.

Fast travel

Although Kingmaker is an exciting game to play, many would agree that it is a little on the slow side. If you don’t desire walking everywhere you are going; the fast travel mod will allow you fast travel to integral destinations in the game.

The mod allows gamers to bypass boring travels and spend more time experiencing the game. It is an excellent mod for someone that has already gone through the game for the first time and are searching for a different experience and more options.

UI extensions

The Pathfinder Kingmaker user interface doesn’t come with a lot of customization, and that is why the UI extensions mod is an excellent addition to the game. You should install this in your game if you prefer a personalized experience far from the ordinary and monotonous appearance.

Visual adjustments

Pathfinder Kingmaker has mods for customizing the camera angles and many other things about graphics. Since you have all these already installed, why not take it a notch higher by installing the visual adjustments mod that allows gamers to customize their characters?

The mod is all about enhancing visuals in the game. It allows you to alter how party members and playable characters look. You can play around with things like hats, helmets, cloaks and many more.

Heroes of stolen lands

Heroes of stolen lands Pathfinders Mods

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The heroes of stolen lands mod is one of the most-liked Pathfinder Kingmaker mods in the aesthetics category. The mod adds about 300-character portraits that a gamer can assign to their companions. On top of this, players receive a “Game of Thrones bonus pack.

Hair unlocker

Hair unlocker is another great aesthetics mod that gives gamers the capability of using the hair of any race with any other race. For instance, one can make a human with Aasimar hair, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

Inventory tweaks

Pathfinder Kingmaker possesses an extensive inventory that might be mind-boggling to many. If you find it hard to interpret, you can put everything in one easy read, accessible location using the inventory tweak mod. Even though it is a small tweak to the game, it is one of the most effective that offers a smooth gaming experience.


The cleaner mod allows players to increase performance and reduce load time. How does it implement such capabilities? Every time you rob the corpses of fallen enemies, you ought to clear up afterwards.

The cleaner mod clears maps of corpses, enemies, and anything useless once you have left. It saves you a lot of gaming memory, removing items that would otherwise be clutter.

Once you have activated the mod, you get an opportunity to choose what leaves and what stays. Therefore, it is hard for the mod to get rid of something important. Be on the lookout not to eliminate unique NPCs and hidden creatures as they might come in handy further down the line.

Craft magic items

Who wouldn’t love the capability of crafting various magic items? The craft magic items mod allows gamers to do precisely this. One of RPG games’ most fascinating things is the full-fledged crafting system, which is enhanced using this mod.

Once you learn how to install mods and have this as part of your game, you can add several feats from the Pathfinder Kingmaker pen-and-paper game to Kingmaker. This might include scribe scroll, craft wand, craft wondrous items, and forge ring. These feats require gold resources and time to complete.

Call of the wild

The call of the wild is a monster of a mod as it introduces numerous classes into the game, making it more enjoyable to play. It adds hunter, witch, blood ranger, new feats, new spells, and balance changes. Isn’t that amazing?

Another fantastic thing about this mod is that you can opt for classes only.

A touch of magic

If you are a fan of hybrid classes in RPG games and would like to enjoy it on Pathfinder Kingmaker, then the touch of the magic mod is your ultimate price. It is an extension of the renowned call of the wild mod and introduces the arcane archer class.

Goblin race

Wouldn’t it be fun to play as a goblin in Pathfinder Kingmaker? The goblin race mod gives gamers this capability, which makes the RPG more fascinating.

Races unleashed

Races unleashed is for gamers that are relatively new to the world of mods and are probably searching for how to download mods for Pathfinder Kingmaker and install them. It makes the game fun by adding six new races: Dhampir, Drow, Duergar, Hobgoblin, Suli, and Ganzi.

Although new, all the races are based on the pen-and-paper game, so it is lore-friendly. It is important to note that every race comes with several racial traits that you ought to be aware of before commencing with gameplay once installed.

Eldritch Arcana updated

Eldritch Arcana updated

Photo: facebook.com, @Pathfinder CRPG – Wrath of the Righteous

Eldritch Arcana is an excellent mod for Pathfinder Kingmaker. It adds an oracle class with new abilities, traits, and favoured class bonus, which is impressive. A majority of the things that it adds ordinarily miss from PnP Pathfinder.

Exploiting the mod will make the game very easy, more so in unfair difficulty. You ought to keep in mind that such tweaks are going to make your character very powerful.

Portrait packs

Character portraits are also a significant part of the gaming experience as they tell a story and help picture the characters in your mind. The portrait packs mod gives more portraits than what comes with the game by default.


The respecialization mod is integral in Pathfinder Kingmaker for someone looking for an improved gaming experience. It allows gamers to respect the main characters and companions as they desire. One can change gender, race or even character. And it is upon you to have fun with the accessible alterations and create the world you want.

Bag of tricks

Although most people are not fans of cheating, many would agree that adding such a mod brings a new twist to Pathfinder Kingmaker. The bag of tricks mod avails more than 200 cheats, tools, and tweaks in the game that afford players numerous capabilities.

Among the numerous Pathfinder Kingmaker mods, which ones have you tried? RPG games are fun because of their unique style and graphics, and adding mods to alter certain aspects makes it more lively.


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