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Kenshi map

Kenshi is a video game which has gained extreme popularity nowadays. It is a RPG adventure based on squads, in which you can enjoy the amazing features of the open-ended gameplay that does not conform to a linear story structure. Learn everything about Kenshi map mod and how to use it to your benefit.

In this popular game, you can take any role that you want and explore hundreds of different possibilities. Depending on your wishes, you can become a trader, a thief, a warlord, a farmer, a rebel, an adventurer, or a slave. If you are not careful enough, however, you may end up as food for cannibals.

The game nudges you to craft new gear and research equipment. This strategic survival RPG is a huge hit with the audience that is driven to the complete freedom of the game.

Kenshi interactive map

This sandbox contains plenty of areas and locations, and every player needs to research the map before exploring the fictional world of Kenshi. It is known that Kenshi map size is approximately 870 square kilometres or 340 sq mi.

Kenshi map world regions

It may sometimes be complicated to travel through the map on your own. If you need some help with it, here are some of the locations that are present in the game.

Northwestern Coast

  • Berserker Country
  • Leviathan Coast
  • Purple Sands
  • The Iron Trail
  • The Shrieking Forest

Cannibal Country

  • Cannibal Plains
  • Hidden Forest
  • Northern Coast
  • Darkfinger
  • Sinkuun

Northwestern Wastes

  • Floodlands
  • Wend
  • Obedience
  • Fog Islands

Holy Nation Territory

  • Okran’s Pride
  • Okran’s Valley
  • Okran’s Gulf
  • Rebirth
  • Arm of Okran

Northeast United Cities Territory

  • Bast
  • The Great Desert
  • Heng
  • Skimsands
  • Stormgap Coast
  • Spine Canyon

West Coastal Region

  • Dreg
  • Vain
  • Raptor Island

Central Wastelands

  • Skinner’s Roam
  • Iron Valleys
  • Deadlands
  • The Black Desert
  • Venge
  • The Eye
  • Grey Desert

Shek Kingdom Territory

  • Stenn Desert
  • Border Zone
  • Spider Plains


  • The Swamp
  • Shem
  • Burning Forest
  • South Wetlands

Southwestern Wilderness

  • Arach
  • Watcher’s Rim
  • Shun
  • The Grid
  • The Crater

South Coastal Region

  • The Hook
  • Bonefields
  • High Bonefields

Eastern Coastal Region

  • Gut
  • Howler Maze
  • Forbidden Isle
  • The Outlands
  • Greenbeach

The Southeast

  • Ashlands
  • Cheaters Run
  • Fishman Island
  • Flats Lagoon
  • Greyshelf
  • Royal Valley
  • Sniper Valley
  • Sonorous Dark
  • Stobe’s Gamble
  • Stobe’s Garden
  • The Crags
  • The Pits
  • The Pits East
  • The Unwanted Zone

Kenshi map world locations

Now, you can have a look at all the locations of the map that you can travel through during your mind-blowing adventure.

Kenshi map cities

  • Admag
  • Bad Teeth
  • Bark
  • Black Desert City
  • Black Scratch
  • Blister Hill
  • Cannibal Capital
  • Catun
  • Clownsteady
  • Drifter’s Last
  • Heft
  • Heng
  • Mongrel
  • Shark
  • Sho-Battai
  • Squin
  • Stack
  • Stoat
  • The Hub
  • World’s End

Minor Outposts

  • The Bastion
  • Bast
  • Cannibal Village
  • Cult Village
  • Drin
  • Endin
  • Eyesocket
  • Fishing Village
  • Flotsam Village
  • Gatherer Village
  • Ghost Village
  • Hive Villages
  • Holy Farms
  • Holy Military Bases
  • Holy Mines
  • Last Stand
  • Mud Town
  • Narko’s Trap
  • Okran’s Fist
  • Okran’s Shield
  • Rebirth
  • Scout Posts
  • Settled Nomads
  • Slave Markets
  • Swamp Villages
  • Tengu’s Vault
  • The Great Fortress
  • Tiny Settlement
  • Trader’s Edge
  • Waystation (Border Zone)
  • Waystation (The Hook)

Other Locations

  • Ancient Labs
  • Armoury Ruin
  • Burn’s Tower
  • Drowned Ruins
  • Empty Ruins
  • Fallen Tower
  • Leaning Tower
  • Lost Armoury
  • Lost Library
  • Old Empire Watchtower
  • Post-Ancient Workshop
  • Suspicious Lab
  • Tower of Fog
  • Workshop Complex

Kenshi map is a perfect place to explore for those who love RPG games.


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