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Noita perks

Noita is an action-adventure game developed by Noita Games. The game takes place in a procedurally generated world where every pixel is simulated physically.  For you to play it, you have to control a witch that creates and casts spells to defeat your enemies. To make your gameplay much easier, you will need Noita perks.

There are literally hundreds of Noita spells you can use during your gameplay. Each of them has a different function and will aid in making the game much easier. The more perks you get, the more exciting your gameplay will be.

Noita perks guide

How can you get perks in this game? Where are these perquisites located? How is one perk different from the other? Here is what you need to know about Noita Wiki perks, tier list, and much more.

What are Noita perks?

Perks in Noita are a large collection of passive abilities you obtain as you descend deeper into the mountain.

The passive abilities augment you in many ways and make the gameplay much easier.

Typically, you will receive a set of three perks at the end of each holy mountain that you visit. Out of the three, you only have to choose one. Once you select one, the others will disappear.

Noita terminologies

Some of the common terms used in Noita are perk rerolling and perk stacking. What do the two mean?

1. Perk rerolling

You can reroll perks using the ‘perk reroll’ structure, which resembles a set of weighing scales. This feature is located at the exit of every Holy Mountain.

If you tap the option, all the perks on the alter will be replaced with new ones from the pool.

You will have to pay about 200 golds to use this feature. The price will double for every use. For instance, on your second time, you will pay 400 golds, on the third 800 gold, and so forth.

Rerolling will only affect perquisites that will be on the altar. New perks won’t be spawned if you have already taken a perk.

This feature will pull from the perks pool, allowing the possibility of collecting multiple instances of the same perquisite (Perk Stacking).

2. Perk stacking

The majority of the perks in this game can be stacked repeatedly.

However, stacking varies greatly in the following ways:

  • For perks such as Electricity or Essence, stacking implies an extra rate of fire.
  • For Lukki Mutation or Permanent Shield, stacking will grant you an extra copy.
  • For Lottery and Stainless Amour, stacking will make these perks more effective.
  • Some perks such as Breathless do not have any effect when stacked.

The game developers are yet to determine the full list of stacking effects.

Noita perks tier list

When playing this game, you will come across the following types of perquisites. Each type is found in a different location and also has a different function.

All the perks in Noita are classified into two tiers. Here is a list of all the Noita perks under the two classifications:

  1.  Normal perks

These types of perks are found in the Holy Mountains. They are not hidden, and you will get them as soon as you are at the exit of one Holy Mountain.

Please note that you will be given 3 perks, out of which you have to choose one. The perquisites under this category include the following:

Critical Hit +

This bonus increases your critical hit chance of all your spells by 10%. It will also add your stack linearly critical hit chance by 10%.


This perk gives you immunity to liquids and gases and even prevents suffocation when buried inside powders such as coal and snow.

However, you will be damaged by the substance’s acidity covering you or the heat from lava.

If you change to a small worm and transform it back inside a wall, you won’t suffocate in that wall.


This perquisite doubles your previously collected gold. This means that you will gain two times the golds in every nugget you have.

For instance, if you stack twice with this perk, you will get 4 times the gold you have, thrice 8 times, and so forth.

Trick Greed

With this perk active, you will get 4 times instead of two times gold when your death is caused by accident.

Killing your enemy by using the environment, such as burning them, blowing them, gives you two times the cash. If you have Trick Greed active, you will get four times the cash.

Doubling your gold income is pretty alluring. However, accidents in the gameplay are very impractical and also hard to set them up. Even if you are lucky to achieve the accidental kill, you will need to be in a state where you can catch the loot.

Also, the use of gold in this game is limited.

One of the easiest ways to achieve Trick Greed is by murdering your enemies with physics damage methods such as Summon Rock, Emerald Tablets, and so forth.

When you kill your enemies by burning them to death or electrocuting through liquids/metal, you will also receive the bonus perk.

Trick Blood Money

Noita Blood Money makes all the gold in your nuggets to heal you. The higher the value of a specific nugget, the more healing power it will have.

The nuggets containing healing power will have ruby instead of gold so that you can distinguish them easily.

This perk does not stack. It, however, combines well with Gold is Forever to prevent nuggets from despawning.

Gold is Forever

Gold is Forever is one of the precious perks in Noita.

It allows you to get all the gold on your way without the need to rush for them.

However, this perquisite might cause performance issues when all your nuggets are full of gold. You can still destroy these nuggets via the Black Hole and Luminous Drill.

The perk pairs well with the Blood Money perquisite. Once you have the two, you can differ picking red golds if you have full health.

Noita Unlimited Spells

Unlimited Spells, just like their name suggests, give you unlimited spells.

Healing-related spells are all made unlimited. As you know, these are the most valuable in this game.

Having unlimited spells is fantastic. For instance, with unlimited bombs, you can hold on to the infinite. You will hence blast out more enemies without caring about the number of bombs you have.

Exploding Gold

Nuggets of Gold will explode the moment they expire, or someone picks them up. The explosion will not hurt you. However, it will hurt the terrain and make it difficult for you to navigate through.

Strong Levitation

String Levitation makes you fly 100% longer than you would normally have.

Levitation is, therefore, an invaluable versatile tool that can help you transverse the gameplay environment while avoiding damages. Being able to do longer distances when you are flying is a bonus.

Faster Levitation

Just as the name suggests, here, your levitation speed increases by 75%, stacking will increase the speed further.

Faster Movement

Faster Movements speed up your movements. Your movement is increased by more than two times. The effect applies both to when you are on the ground or flying.

Moving faster is really convenient; dodging enemy attacks will be pretty simple. Making a transverse fly will also be fast.

If you combine the Acceleration perk with Faster Movement, then you will move so fast. You will move through all the levels very fast. As such, your enemies will not react with your presence as you will be moving faster.

Low Gravity

With Low Gravity, your movements will be a bit floatier. You will also jump higher than usual.

Activating moon gravity will be really fun; however, this will also come with some cons.

The main disadvantage is that Low Gravity will make dodging in the air very difficult. Descending the mountain will also be harder than usual. This means that you are less mobile when you activate this perk.

On the upside, with the correct levitation, you will generate enough flight time in the air. You will be able to fly as much as you wish consistently.

If you love hunting secretly and flying around the Mountains, then you should give this perk a shot. Before activating it, make sure you know its downsides.

High Gravity

High Gravity increases your gravity by up to 40%. This means that it will be harder to remain airborne, and your falling speed will be high.

The speed at which liquids fall while you move will also be increased.

Fast Swimming

With Fast Swimming, you are a pro swimmer. Liquids will no longer impede your movement. Vertical speeds in liquids will greatly increase as you will sink and rise to the top with lightning speeds.

If you are the kind of gamer who likes to swim faster underwater, this is the best perk. It will allow you to use liquids as a weapon as it will no longer be an obstacle.

Also, if you can escape pools of blood and water faster, you will be in a position to avoid drowning by saving your life faster.

Never Skip Leg Day

This perk increases your leg damage from 1 to about 61. The perquisite also increased the enemy’s knockback by the same percentage.

Hence, you will have to deal with extra damages and knockbacks. Kicking physical objects such as crates and carts will send them into the air.

Telekinetic Kick

A Telekinetic Kick gives you telekinetic powers, which removes your ability to kick.

The “gravity gun” option replaces the kick. When you tap the option, any object near you is repositioned and moved according to your tastes. You can then kick the object by tapping on the button again.

This tool is very useful. You will rely on it to move explosive items away from you. It will also allow you to grab some chunks of ice to use as shields,

You can launch any physical object and direct it to your enemies to get a few damage points. If you get killed in the process of using this perk, it will count as an environment kill. It will, therefore, give you more gold gains.

Repelling Cape

As you already know, stains drop at a swift rate when you are moving. With this perk active, you do not need to worry about these stain effects as it will remove all.

Stuff like toxic sludge, oil, and synergizes will be a thing of the past with Repelling Cape.

However, this perk will remove your ability to use things like Invisibility, water stains to prevent fire damage, and Berserk potions to amplify damage on your enemy.

Exploding Corpses

With this perk active, enemies will explode when you kill them.

These explosions won’t harm you. They are short-range but have some advantages, such as blasting many enemies and flaming them upon death. If you happen to get killed in the process, then you will have the gold bonus.

However, this perk might ruin your running speed if you activate it.

Saving Grace

If you are about to die, say you have more than 1 HP, your HP will be set to 1.

This means that you will enjoy more game time and kill whatever was trying to kill you.

However, 1 HP is too little. There is even a bigger chance that whatever was trying to kill you, say fire or even a group of enemies, will hit you again and render Saving Grace moot.

Nonetheless, this can be reused a couple of times. You can also combine it with a source of healing so that you can get strong. You should get other useful perks that can prevent you from getting into this kind of situation where you are about to die.


Just like the name suggests, with this perk active, you will be invisible. This means that you can cast spells, kick and kill your enemies without them seeing you.

Should you want to be seen, you can use the “temporarily” feature to become visible for around 5 seconds.

With invisibility active during your gameplay, you will be like a ghost. You can even collide with your enemies without them ever noticing.  

However, you should avoid liquids and hazards. This is only the downside of Invisibility. If you can keep off liquids, then this perk will carry you throughout the whole game.

More Blood

More Blood simply gives you blood everywhere. Your enemy bleeding will be magnified.

Any substance that the enemy bleeds as blood, such as Slime or Toxic Sludge, will be magnified too.

Apart from the fun of seeing blood magnified, this perk is useful in covering all the levels in the blood. This lets you crit easily and suppress fires without much hassle.

Combine More Blood with Drill or Chainsaw so that you can be able to maul corpses for more blood.

The only corn of this perquisite is that some enemies have damaging blood types such as Toxic Sludge and Lava. If you are dealing with such kinds of enemies, then this perk isn’t good for you.

All-Seeing Eye

With All-Seeing Eye, there is no place you cannot see. However, light restrictions apply here. Hence, heavy walls will probably block your vision.

This perk is amazing. It removes any chances of getting ambushed by the enemy as you see it all. You will be able to plan to encounter an enemy even before he has a chance to see you.

Noita Vampirism

As for Noita Vampirism, you will gain health by drinking blood. However, you won’t gain full health. A third of your maximum health will be lost.

To drink blood, hold the key ‘S’ on your PC keyboard. The blood won’t affect your satiation levels; however, losing your maximum health is a tough pill to swallow. This means that should anything happen, you will die fast compared to when you have full health.

Nonetheless, regaining health is essential, especially from the blood, which you can drink as many times as you wish.

You can get the most out of this perk by combining it with More Blood and Chainsaw so that you have a lot of health to battle your enemies.

Also, combining Vampirism with something like generating Blood will give a lot of health to work with. You should note that blood-generating spells have limits.

Extra Health

With extra health, you will receive a 50% extra for your maximum health.

The bonus will depend on your maximum health at the time of acquiring the perk. The perk will not affect any of your future maximum health except when stacked.

Stronger Hearts

Stronger Hearts doubles your current maximum HP. It increases your HP from +25 to +50 for future extra pickups. The perk is not stackable.

Glass Cannon

Glass Cannon increases the damage of your spells by 5 times. Your spells will also have increased ranges.

However, your health is capped at 50 and can still be reduced below that via vampirism.

Living on the Edge

With Living on the Edge, you can be sure that when your health drops, your spells can be powerful.

The perk will increase your spells’ damage by 5 times when your HP is under 25%.

You can stack up this perk three times.

Extra Life

Extra Life makes you respawn with 100% health upon death.

The perk will not work if you are polymorphed.

Worm attractor

Worm attractor makes sure all the worms come to you.

This means that the giant worm will make a beeline to your current location. The action might make the gods angry.

The giant worm will also deform your terrain. If you don’t have melee immunity, then it will hurt you. So, you should hover above it to avoid any damages.

Be prepared to face all the consequences if you activate this perk.

Worm Detractor

Worms can be threatening when you are running. Worm Detractor removes worms from your runs.

If you remove these small insects, you will have a very narrow chance of angering the mountain gods.

But worms are not so common in your runs. They are not that threatening. So this perk might be valueless to some people.

If you are afraid of worms for any reason, then Worm Detractor should work for you. Do not get the perk if you are diving into hallucinogens and you need worm blood.

Enemy Radar

Just as the name suggests, Enemy Radar detects any nearby enemies.

You will have an indicator to show you where enemies are from one screen away. This will tell you how close the enemies are so that when you get close, you are aware of them.

This perk is very neat in allowing you to plan for any encounters. This removes any surprise attacks.

The only con of this radar is that it will be showing you a lot of enemies everywhere on later floors.

Wand Radar

Wand Radar detects any nearby wands. It adds a little indicator to show you where the coming wands are actually located.

It works for a range equal to two full screens away. So this will triple your ability to detect wands.

Wand Radar will be beneficial if you are descending into deeper floors that have strong Wand drops.

Getting more wand is essential in your runs. When you find many wands, you can strip them for other spells or create super wands.

Fire Immunity

With this, you will not take any damage from fires.

Fires are extremely damaging and a common hazard in this game. So it pays off if you are immune to all kinds of fire options.

You can also set the work ablaze to burn your enemy, and you won’t get any consequence from the act.

Explosion Immunity

This perk makes sure you do not get injured as a result of explosions from the enemy.

You shouldn’t get an explosion in the first place. However, having this perk active saves you a lot of HP and your life if you are in an awful situation.

Explosion Immunity allows you to be extra reckless as nothing will happen to you if the enemy attacks with a bomb blast.

Melee Immunity

Here, you will take no damage from those enemies that fire from a close range.

This will make enemies who are near you, essentially unable to kill you. This is a cool thing as you will freely move in between your enemy battlegrounds without getting damaged.

Nonetheless, this perk is almost useless. Most of the game threats come from physics-induced DoTs, powerful long-range attacks, and not melees.

Electricity Immunity

Just like the name suggests, you will be immune to electricity once you have this perk.

Metals and liquids around you will not electrocute you. The advantage of this perquisite is that electricity will kill any enemy who is following you in electrified metals and liquids.

However, you need to be careful while using this perk. It comes with additional damages such as the accidental triggering of traps, blowing up of barrels, and oil near electricity.

If you are aware of these risks, then this will be a potentially powerful tool.

Teleportitis Dodge

Here, you will take 20% less damage every time an enemy fires at you. Also, every time you take damage, you will teleport away.

Teleporting involuntarily from your enemy location can be annoying, especially when you were about to kill them. However, getting out of bad situations is actually great if you prefer avoiding enemy combat rather than engaging back.

It is advisable to invest in other perks that will prevent you from getting into such a situation. Teleporting every time you get damage can make your gameplay excessively boring.

Stainless Armour

If you have this effect active during your gameplay, you will take 50% less damage from your enemy. This will only work if no liquid is on top of you.

Though not awesome, a 50% damage reduction is very vital. Nonetheless, the perk is costly and overly impractical, considering that you will be negating a lot of fluids. This means it will be useless most of the time.

You can use Stainless Amour alongside other perquisites such as Repelling Cape to increase its usefulness.

Noita Wand Experimenter

Here, firing newly found unmodified wants heals you. You will get about 23 health per wand in 8 casts.

Hence, you will destroy your enemy while gaining health which will sustain you a little more in the gameplay.

  1. Bombs Materialized

Bomb spells can be placed in any item available in your inventory. You can throw these items at the enemy without having to use a wand.

Bomb Materialized items include TNT, Potentially Nuke, and Holy Hand Grenade.

Choosing this perk saves you a lot of Wand slots.

Homing Shots

Homing Shots perk makes all projectiles follow targets reliably. Fast projectiles such as the magic arrow will only curve slightly.

You should note that this perquisite does not give you any benefits that a good aim at your enemy won’t.

Boomerang Spells

With Boomerang Spells, all your spells are towards you. You will have a high projectile resistance.

Standards bullets will cause damage of 3 instead of the normal 7. Explosions and other spells will still hurt you.

Universal boomerangs are unfortunately so tough to adapt in most builds. The use of spells such as projectiles will make snipping and other similar exercises almost impossible.

Freeze Field

Freeze Field works by freezing all the liquids close to you.

The perk makes sure you do not get caught on fire since the fire in Noita is technically a liquid. Nonetheless, toxic sludge will remain too harmful, even when iced.

Also, this perquisite will make it impossible to cover yourself with some blood. You can also get trapped in ice easily.

When you combine it with Invisible, it will be potent.

Dissolve Powders

Sand and other powdery materials will dissolve quickly in your presence with this perk. They will do so very quickly such that you won’t even be able to step on any powder.

You should note that you will not be able to stand on powders anymore. However, your ability to move in terrains with powders will be on another level.

If you have a digging spell such as Chainsaw, this will be useless to you.

Slime Blood

With this perk active, you will bleed slime.

Whenever an enemy hits you, the slime will spawn around you. You will gain 50% projectile resistance and become immune to the effects of slimed stains.

The 50% projectile resistance will save you a lot of health. You will also spend less time navigating in slime and fires.

However, the slime will still be goopy as usual. So, be sure not to get stuck in your blood.

Oil Blood

Here, you will be bleeding burning oil and gain a 40% explosion resistance. The oil will be your blood.

As you know, the substance is very flammable. You should hence consider using it if you have activated fire immunity.

Permanent Shield

With this perquisite, you will gain a small and permanent shield that won’t wear off. The shield can do all kinds of nifty tasks you can think of, such as deflecting enemy bullets, absorbing harmful substances, and so forth.

The shield offered here is relatively weak. If you are on tougher levels, you might find it unhelpful.

Anyway, the shield is given to you free of charge. On lower levels, it will save your HP, decrease your chances of dying, and maximize the amount of gold you earn. This makes it an invaluable tool.

Revenge Explosion

When you take some damage, you automatically release a magical explosion that will hurt your enemies if you have Revenge Explosion active during your gameplay. The explosion will, however, not get triggered on DoTs.

The resulting explosion will not only destroy your enemy; it will damage powders while sparing hard walls.

Retaliation damage is very great, but you need to be far away from your enemy for it to work. You do not want it to explode near you as it will undermine your health.

Revenge Tentacle

With this perk active, anyone who harms you will be dealt with by a monster tentacle.

This perk is more effective than Revenge Explosion. The tentacle will cause a lot of damage and has a better range compared to an explosion.

The only downside of this is that it is restrained by terrain. If you are not in a good terrain and launch the Revenge Tentacle, it will surely miss your enemy.

Noita Lukki Mutation

This perk will make you grow additional limbs that fight for you. To be specific, this will be three gigantic spider limbs.

With such, you can climb anywhere as long as one of the legs touches the wall. You will also be able to approach combat fields from a different angle. However, you won’t be able to fly.

Your spider legs will cause a lot of damage. This will ensure a lot of enemies are killed.

The Lukki Mutation is only available in advanced stages which have tough opponents.

Plague Rats

This perk works when your enemies die. They will span rats from their bodies.

The spawned rats are of a ghostly design and hence can kill a lot of enemies.

These rats sadly won’t follow you around, so forget about a rat army. However, having a bunch of friendly pals who are scarring your enemies is pretty good.

Please note that you will lose a few golds for not killing the rats. But this will be a fair trade-off as the rats will help you combat your enemies.

Projectile Repulsion Field

This perk makes sure that no bullets touch you. Most projectiles sent by the enemy will be repulsed. Hence, you will take less damage from them.

However, head-on projectiles will still hit you. Their damage will be more as this perk causes the average bullet damage to increase from 7 to 9.

Nonetheless, this feature is useful; you are a little far away from your enemy.

Projectile Slower

This makes a projectile slow down when it nears you.

Each stack you get will cause the projectiles sent by your enemies to be slower.

Projectile Repulsion Sector

The projectile Repulsion Sector ensures that any projection that flies in front of you is blown away.

Once the enemy projectile is thrown off the course, it won’t reach you.

You can add more stacks to strengthen this feature.

Projectile Eater

This perk ‘eats’ projectiles that fly behind you.

These enemy projectiles will disappear completely and won’t harm you. You hence survive longer before dying.

Stacking will have no effects here.

Noita Phasing Perk

Here, projectiles will seemingly just phase through you.

There will be a 50% chance that any enemy projectile will teleport instead of hitting you.

Slow projectiles might hit you. Hence, this is a useless perk as there are many perquisites in the game that can protect you against projectiles.

Concentrated Spells

Concentrated Spells make sure that any spell you use has a lower spread. This adds more dramatic amounts of recoils to all the spells.

Hence, you can fly infinitely and as fast as possible while repeating several spells such as Drill or Chainsaw.

If you can fly infinitely anywhere, then map exploration will be simple and even faster than ever.

Bouncing Spells

With this perk active, all your spells will bounce back.

Adding a bounce back to everything is an add-on that will allow all projectiles to excel in a way they could not before.

If your main wand doesn’t self-damage you, activate this spell confidently, as it will help you kill many enemies.

If you have a lot of self-damaging wands, do not use this feature.

Always Cast

This effect adds a random spell to the equipped wand as Always Cast. The effect does not consume any mana, and it never runs out of charge.

Essentially, this is a one-time bonus for the wand that you will select. You should hence choose wisely.

Always Cast lets you modify any wand. It can turn a simple want into a ludicrously powered super wand.

 No More Shuffle

With this perk, shuffling wands will be a thing of the past. Your equipped wands will be converted to non-shuffles.

Your wands will reroll the spell order each time they run dry.

This makes the creation of the much-desired super wands so easy. If it weren’t for No more shuffles, then this can’t be possible.

Extra Perk

Once this perquisite is active, you will be finding an extra perk in every Holy Mountain you exit.

You will also have more choices and a higher chance of getting the bonus you want if you have this perk active.

The downside of this is that you will have wasted a perk slot if all the others are appealing. So, you should only take it when you don’t have appealing perks.

Perk Lottery

With this feature active in your Noita, you will have a 50% chance that the others will not disappear when you pick any perk.

Having a 50% chance is really good. You are sure that any perk you pick will pay for itself almost immediately.

With the Perk Lottery, you are crazily overpowered. You can use the Perk Reroller for free at every shrine. You are again given two random perks immediately if you take the Perk Lottery.

This means at every shrine, you can even pick all three perks. With more perks, you will have more powers, spells, and game endurance.

More Hatred

More Hatred will make creatures in the game more aggressive towards each other, and Enemies will kill each other.

However, this perk cannot be relied on as not all enemies will actually kill each other.

More Love

This perk makes creatures in the game friendlier to each other.

With fewer killings between creatures, you can loot easily and make a stable ground for your battles.

Nonetheless, this perk is not that useful. Enemies slaughtering each other is the preferable way to make sure all the creatures do not team up against you.

Peace with Gods

This perk applies a permanent charm to the gods. It prevents them from getting angered if you defile the holy mountain.

However, since you won’t control the gods’ anger, you can no longer summon Stevari in the Holy Mountains.

This means that you will not be able to use Stevari as a reputable source of gold.

Kills to Mana

With Kills to Mana, any enemy who comes near, you will automatically die. After dying, you will release a mana-recharging liquid.

The amount of recharging liquid is dependent on the health of the enemies.

You should not let the enemy come anywhere near you. It is also tough for the enemy to come near you while firing at you. This renders the perk useless.


Here, your wands will emit an orange beam. The beam reduces spread by about 20 degrees and increases projectile speed by 40%.

You can use this feature to make black holes which you will use to cover large distances by just multicasting black holes with other projectiles.

2. Special Perks

Special Perks are distinct in that they cannot be found in the Holy Mountains. You won’t get these perquisites at the exit of any mountain. They will be hidden in a secret place. You will uncover them as you continue gaming. They include the following:

Leggy Mutation

This perk ensures that you grow disturbing limbs that are perfect for you. It has the same effects as the Lukki Mutation.

However, the legs here are human-like and not spider-like.

 Curse of Greed

Here, you gain 3 times gold, but you accrue curses. These curses will haunt you.

The gold you will be given will periodically turn everything or liquid into a greed cursed rock or liquid. When you step on such, you will be damaged.

Powders will become green curses liquids.

There is a greed curses crystal inside the holy mountain; when you break it, then the curses will be removed. However, the previously cursed materials will not revert to their original states.

The above are various Noita perks you can use in your gaming. Some are beneficial, while others are hazardous.


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