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Pathfinder Kingmaker statue puzzle

Pathfinder Kingmaker statue puzzle

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Pathfinder Kingmaker has proven to be one of the most interesting role-playing games on the market. Although character customization is one of the game’s integral features, one must find their path on an adventure to the Stolen Lands. This way, players pass through and conquer numerous regions and build new strongholds. However, the Pathfinder Kingmaker statue puzzle within the mansion during the prologue baffles many people. What is the solution?

Pathfinder Kingmaker is based on six modules that make the Pathfinder Adventure Path campaign. Also, the game is set within the Stolen Lands, part of the greater region of the River Kingdom, south of Brevoy.

Throughout the game, players are given various opportunities to unlock numerous secrets by taking part in missions. This also involves solving puzzles. One of the most perplexing puzzles at the beginning is the Jamandi Aldori statue/prologue puzzle. What is the most resourceful way of handling it?

Pathfinder Kingmaker statue puzzle solution

Pathfinder Kingmaker statue puzzle solution

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If you have played the game and are stuck in this section, you are probably looking for a simple answer to allow you progress to the next part. Getting stuck here is no fun at all as it makes you rack your brain wondering about the solution to one of the most popular puzzles in Pathfinder Kingmaker. So, where should you start?

Numbering the statues

Although basic, this is your first and most crucial step in finding an amicable solution to your Pathfinder Kingmaker statue puzzle. Numbering those statues will make everything more manageable once you start the solving part. And you can do it in simple numerical order.

The left or upper room possesses four statues that would be a great idea to number them from the left side. They are:

  • First statue – 1.
  • Second statue – 2.
  • Third statue – 3.
  • Fourth statue – 4.

The right lower room is split into two rooms with two statues that need to be assigned numbers. Therefore, you will have:

  • First statute – 5.
  • Second statue – 6.

What is the solution to the puzzle?

Once you have your statues numbered, solving the puzzle will be a piece of cake. To unlock the left or upper room, you ought to do the following (make sure you follow the steps as they are written without skipping anything):

  • (sword up), 6(both statue sword up), 4(sword down), 3(sword up), 5(both sword up)

Once the upper secret door is open, you can move to the lower or right room. Use the following steps to unlock it.

  • 6(both sword down), 1(all sword in the upper room down)

That is all you need to solve the Pathfinder Kingmaker statue puzzle. The above walkthrough provides a detailed guide, integral for someone that gets stuck in this puzzle section. Learn the tips and apply them in your game to create a positive experience.


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