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Pathfinder Kingmaker Weapons List: combat with confidence

Pathfinder Kingmaker is one of the best role-playing video games developed by Russian studio Owlcat Games. The game was released on September 25, 2018, for PC, Linux and Mac. The developers delivered the console version that coincided with the PC update in 2020. Now, there is a brand-new official turn-based combat mode, making the game even more enjoyable. Remember, your heroes’ power is highly dependent on the items they possess. That is why knowing in advance the Pathfinder Kingmaker weapons or armour to utilize will help a great deal.

A newcomer might find the game a bit confusing as they attempt to grasp basic strategies. Fortunately, with a guide on Pathfinder Kingmaker best weapons, you can take advantage of such tools on top of your special abilities to win.

Pathfinder Kingmaker weapons

Pathfinder Kingmaker possesses hundreds of possible weapon classes that include swords, wands, aces, firearms and many more. However, you ought to remember that the utilization of any weapon you get on Pathfinder Kingmaker relies upon the proficiency of the character used.

You can access Pathfinder Kingmaker monk weapons and others available through quest rewards, enemy loots or purchase from NPCs (non-player characters).

Pathfinder Kingmaker weapons are grouped into various interlocking categories relating to what training one needs to become proficient. These categories include simple, martial or exotic.

And you can use these weapons in close combat (melee), at a distance (ranged), its relative encumbrance (light, one-handed, or two-handed) and its size (small, medium or large). Therefore, expect to utilize Pathfinder Kingmaker light weapons in certain situations that demand something easy to carry. Other scenarios will require different weapons.

Melee weapons

Pathfinder Kingmaker woman character with weapon, pinterest.com, @Michael Brow

Melee weapons are Pathfinder Kingmaker unique weapons utilized to make melee attacks. You can throw them in certain instances.

Ranged weapons

Pathfinder Kingmaker character holding weapon, pinterest.com, @Morwa Czarna

These are thrown or projectile weapons that are not useful in melee.

Pathfinder Kingmaker shields weapons list

Shields are integral in Pathfinder Kingmaker and can sometimes be utilized as weapons.

Masterwork weapons in Pathfinder Kingmaker

What are masterwork weapons in Pathfinder Kingmaker? These are finely crafted versions of a standard weapon. For instance, you can have Pathfinder Kingmaker agile weapons with masterwork properties.

However, you cannot add masterwork to a weapon after creating it, and it ought to be done from scratch. Ordinarily, masterwork adds 300 gp to the cost of a regular weapon.  The Pathfinder Kingmaker Magic weapons list includes masterwork weapons.

Pathfinder Kingmaker weapons have great diversity, which is incredibly outstanding. Out of the numerous types mentioned above, there are multiple items for each, which is quite fascinating. That is why the game is quite exciting and engaging to play.


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