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Risk of Rain 2 mercenary guide

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Risk of Rain 2 is a fantastic multiplayer roguelike, third-person shooter game with unique features that captivates gamers. The game is developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. Players control a survivor stranded on an alien planet, navigating through various treacherous environments. The Risk of the Rain 2 mercenary is one of the new additions in the game. You probably wonder how you can unlock this character who can do things and reach places that other survivors cannot.

Many players would agree that the Risk of Rain 2 game’s fun lies in the characters or survivors you choose. Of course, the best is hard to unlock as they possess exceptional capabilities that will elevate your gaming experience. 

The mercenary and his laser sword has become very popular in the gaming universe. Of course, you have to unlock the character to take advantage of their unique skills. How can you do it?

How to unlock the Risk of Rain 2 mercenary

The stats are out, and people who have even not played the game probably wonder how to get the mercenary. Who would blame them? The mercenary’s reputation is fantastic, with incredible abilities that create a more engaging gaming experience. So, what procedures does one need to follow to unlock mercenary?

Gamers first ought to locate a Celestial Portal that they will go through to find an Obelisk. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the terms; once you play the game, you will internalize important terminologies that help in the game’s progress and unlocking various features. 

Spotting the Obelisk is relatively easy, but it might be more challenging drawing near to it. After you are perfectly positioned before it, communicate with it and choose to crush yourself. Once you have done penance, the mercenary character unlocks.

However, gamers have disagreed on the process of making a Celestial Portal in the game. Many players have stated that they randomly come across Celestial Portals during gameplay and don’t necessarily have to beat RallyPoint Delta. Some gamers have revealed that the gateway appears after making it to the fourth level.

Regardless of the approach, you would agree that one has to play the game for the Celestial Portal to pop up, whether it is until clearing the Rallypoint Delta stage or having it appear out of nowhere. 

Mercenary abilities

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Without a doubt, the mercenary character in Riks of Rain 2 is a versatile survivor. Therefore, he can accomplish a lot of remarkable things that would ordinarily be hard for other survivors.

Unfortunately, the mercenary pays a huge price for all his mobility, and you will experience this in the form of squishiness. However, don’t let this bother you; you will enjoy the advantages more and probably not even care about the inconveniences that the fast-paced survivor possesses in the game. What abilities can you access after unlocking the mercenary character?

Mercenary passive: cybernetic enhancements

Cybernetics enhancement is one of the most extraordinary abilities of the mercenary character. It avails a double jump. Although simple and easy to apply, it is effective and massively improves the gameplay.

Mercenary’s primary: laser sword

Every character in the Risk of Rain 2 game possesses a primary ability. The laser sword is the mercenary’s primary ability and probably what most people unlock the character for. It operates the same way as Acrid’s primary, where you combine your attacks under a particular number of hits. 

It is important to note that every third hit produced by the mercenary character will hit in a larger AOE. Another exciting thing about the laser sword is that it isn’t affected by other abilities. What does this mean? You can continuously engage the laser sword strike while attacking with additional controls. This massively increases your DPS.

Mercenary’s secondary: whirlwind and raising thunder

The mercenary has two alternatives for his secondary abilities. These are the whirlwind and raising thunder, which has proven to be very effective in the game. What do the secondaries do?

The whirlwind allows the mercenary to slice enemies horizontally or vertically, reliant on their position. Every slice produces 200% damage with a proc coefficient of 1. 

The raising thunder is another excellent primary as it pushes the mercenary and the enemy into the air. This allows the mercenary to do 450% damage to all enemies hit by the attack. 

Mercenary utility: blinding assault

The blinding assault is the best mercenary’s utility skill. The ability allows the unlocked mercenary to move freely across the map as much as they desire while damaging all enemies he encounters. This creates 300% damage on enemies.

Another great benefit of this mercenary ability is that every time a player hits an enemy, they dash again, up to three times. 

Ordinarily, the ability hot bar informs a player about the dashes they have left, so it is a good idea to check it often to know your levels. If it is blue, it means that you have three. Yellow and red represent two and one, respectively. 

Stacking attack speeds in the Risk of Rain 2 allows the mercenary to go further in their blinding assault, which massively improves gameplay. 

Mercenary special: eviscerate and slicing winds

Once you unlock the mercenary in Risk of Rain 2, you can access the character’s unique abilities. These include eviscerating and slicing winds. Of course, many players prefer to eviscerate over slicing winds for apparent reasons. It advisable to never utilize the slicing wind unless you are entirely memeing.

The eviscerate particular ability targets close enemies and attack them for 110% damage over their ability courses. Keep in mind that in the attack, you cannot get hit. 

The slicing wind ability allows players to fire a cone attack. It can hit three enemies for up to 8×100% damage.

Essential tips for playing the mercenary in Risk of Rain 2

How can you utilize the above Risk of Rain 2 mercenary abilities to improve your gaming experience? Of course, even though the skills are straightforward, you should make sure that you apply your creativity. Once you master his abilities, the mercenary will reward you with the most potent attacks and consistent runs possible. 

Combo between your double jumps 

Did you know that the mercenary can jump, unleash a combo, then jump again, and release a combo? This is a great move that you wouldn’t find with other characters. You can utilize the double jump to your advantage using the desired combo.

Even though amateurs find it hard to hack this move, it is something worth mastering as the character can produce a lot of damage when in the air. The action will be integral for beating certain bosses like Mithrix.

Attack on the move

The laser is one of the mercenary’s primary abilities as it t has the lowest damage ability when used typically. Fortunately, by attacking while on the move, a player can increase the sword’s damage on enemies significantly. 

When you attack while running, the first two attacks are faster, and the third attack gets used immediately.  

Deleting a unit with a rising uppercut

The rising uppercut produces a 550% damage that can deliver instant death to the little minions. 

Prioritize blinding assault

The blinding assault is a mercenary utility, and you ought to prioritize it. It doesn’t have a lasting finishing animation, which means that your player will not experience a duration of vulnerability after attacks. Best of all, if you aim it well, it will earn you immunity for all three dashes.

Nuke with slicing winds

Although slicing winds is a problematic move to apply perfectly, you can perfect it with regular practice. It has a natural fit in the rotation as it uses the exposed ability. Therefore, most gamers would want to utilize it to reapply the debuff for every combo.

Triple dash escape

Other characters in Risk of Rain 2 possesses the traditional “kite” mechanic to their ranged attacks. You can high-tail it out to safety with the mercenary character while taking down some enemy critters in the process. It is pretty handy.

Grab the right gear

If you want the most fantastic gaming experience in the Risk Rain 2 mercenary, it is integral that you have the right gear. You will find a list of the best and worst equipment to use in the roguelike game, but the mercenary works well with the ones mentioned below.

Ascertain that your character has the soldier’s syringe. This is a significant gear that increases attack speed by 15%, which is very substantial. The wax quail is another essential gear for the mercenary. With this, the ten metres propelled forward becomes twenty metres because of the character’s enhanced cybernetics.

The headlight afterburner is another fundamental gear in the game. It allows the mercenary to float forever when combined with enhanced cybernetics. The focus crystal gear deals an extra 15% damage to enemies that have 13% damage. If you think about it, that is everyone for the mercenary.

Finally, the mercenary requires the Berzerker’s Pauldron. With this, the mercenary can kill three enemies as the attack speed increases by 100%. 

The Risk of Rain 2 mercenary character is one of the most loved and mainstream. Therefore, everyone wants to unlock the character. Of course, it isn’t possible before gaining reasonable ground. Therefore, a player should keep pushing forward until they achieve whatever they require to unlock the survivor and make the most out of their gaming experience.


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