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The best Kenshi Cheats 2021

The best Kenshi Cheats 2021

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With its post-apocalyptic, free-roaming style, Kenshi is a phenomenal and exciting game to play, more so if it is your first time checking out the world of role-playing games. However, what would a game be without some enhancements? Forget about the stock software, which becomes dull over time and after repeated plays and exploration. Customization through mods and cheats is the best way of improving your gaming experience. And you can explore numerous Kenshi cheats and apply them in your game to make things lively.

The Kenshi world is massive, and you might spend an eternity exploring it. Considering the game’s somewhat slow speed or difficulty at the start cheats come in handy to help speed up things.

If you are looking for the cheats menu, you are in luck as, over time, and with the need for better gameplay, developers have created some of the most amazing. Check them out, and maybe it is all you needed to advance to the next stage.

What are game cheats?

Everyone knows the meaning of “cheat,” but does the term’s literal meaning transfer to the gaming environment? In a way, applying cheats in a game means you are cheating, but it is part of gameplay and creates an even more exciting challenge.

Games have different levels, and specific steps might prove to be difficult for many people. And there is nothing as dull as spending hours or even days trying to hack a single step. Fortunately, you have cheats. Instead of racking your head to resolve a cumbersome stage, you can apply the relevant cheat and get it solved instantly.

Gaming cheats avail unlimited resources to players. In most cases, game developers add these cheats intentionally in the game for testing purposes, but third parties can also create them. Players utilize cheats to reach higher levels faster without much hassle and can even access the next level without finishing the previous one. Interesting, right?

Why apply Kenshi cheats?

Cheats allow players to jump a barrier or even turn the table on their opponents. Kenshi cheats do precisely this when applied in the game by any player. The cheats make the game more enjoyable. Imagine playing the same level for an extended period. You would get bored.

When you apply cheats, you not only eliminate the problem you are facing but get a completely different point of view for playing the game. Intelligent players use cheats to simplify their gaming experience, and it is upon you to choose the one you trust will help you achieve more conveniently and still have a lot of fun.

How to enable cheats

The only way you can use the numerous cheats available for Kenshi is to become familiar with the game’s built-in modding program, Forgotten Construction. You can also hunt for mods made by other players.

Useful Kenshi cheats to use in the game

Gaming is all about having fun. Who wouldn’t mind a boost in gameplay through cheats? It is a creative way of elevating the gaming experience. The codes are simple to activate and utilize. If you have not used them before, prepare yourself for an enriching experience.

Take over the world

Take over the world is one of the most integral cheats in Kenshi. The cheat allows a player to control the towns, making the game even more exciting and engaging. Taking over towns comes in handy in many ways.

First, it allows a player to create a vast army that they can utilize to conquer any dangers they might experience. Another important thing is to ascertain that you are aware of the in-game requirements.

Once you have abided by all requirements and conditions, you will have the capability of building shops, walls, houses and numerous other things. Remember that it is a post-apocalyptic free-roaming universe, and you can do as much as you are allowed by the mod and applicable cheats. Therefore, make the take over the world cheat count once activated.

Remove hunger

Even though Kenshi is a game, the developers did as much as possible to simulate the real-world environment. Therefore, your character gets hungry, among many other realistic things present in the natural environment. The hunger part, though, is highly discouraging as it hinders one’s exploration.

Luckily, you can utilize this cheat to eliminate the prevalent issue that baffles numerous new players. Go to the game’s MEDICAL_STATE entry in your character’s saved file and make the necessary adjustments. The alterations immediately reflect in your game, and you will not experience any hunger problems. Isn’t that great?

Long mercenary contracts

You have probably heard about this mod, which is vital in extending mercenary contracts. Some contracts require a long time to accomplish them, and this cheat will give you exactly that.

However, keep in mind that once you enable this cheat, the list of your finished contracts will get short. Fortunately for you, the advantage of using the cheat, which includes having an effortless mercenary mission and more time, is worth it.

256 recruitment limit

256 recruitment limit - kenshi

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As the title suggests, this cheat increases the size of your squad from 30 to 256. This is a significant change to the default limit, which sometimes can lower your gaming experience.

A massive number of your squad members will assist you in carrying out different professions like mining, farming, engineering, manufacturing and numerous other jobs. Additionally, players earn a massive profit in the game. You must know how to use this cheat to make the game enjoyable.

Game mode

The game mode cheat is expected in the gaming universe, and almost every game has it. Of course, Kenshi’s welcomes players to another universe of vast possibilities. The only difference between Kenshi’s game mode and other games is that applying it can be complicated.

Zatoichi (the last samurai) works as a perfect mod for this cheat. Once applied, you will get a regeneration rate of 10,000. On top of this, your character’s speed will increase. The only problem with the mod is its single race usage meaning that you can only utilize if on one race only. Does it matter? Probably not, as the gains achieved upon application make a lot of sense.

Infinite backpack space

The infinite backpack cheat is very basic and incredibly useful. Once applied, players get more space in their backpacks, allowing them to carry as many in-game items as they desire. Are you wondering how to use the creative and helpful cheat?

First, open the FCS (Forgotten Construction Set) to begin the process. Once opened, create a new mod for items and then choose bags. Grab any bag you desire and change the “stackable bonus” values to whatever figure you like. Save the mod when you finish adjusting the values.

Instant mastery

Have you ever wanted to increase your in-game stat value? With the instant mastery cheat, you can do precisely this in easy steps. The cheat allows players to select the maximum values of desired items, which is an excellent gain for players. How can one activate it in the game?

As usual, head to the FCS and start loading your save file. Begin looking for your character’s name by perusing the availed information. Open what you find and choose the stat that you want to modify. Make the necessary alteration by writing the desired value.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t put a value of more than 100 as it might cause massive problems for you in the game. Remember that anti-hacking teams are no joke.

Raise the dead

Kenshi Raise the dead cheat

Photo: thegamer.com

Did you know that you can raise the dead in Kenshi? Raise the dead is one of the most useful Kenshi cheats. It allows gamers to bring their characters and any of their favourite member back to life. Once activated, you can revive any character. You can load it using simple steps, just like other cheats in the game.

Head to the FCS and load your saved file. Start searching for your character’s name or the name of the non-player character that you want to revive. Once located, click on MEDICAL_STATE and convert the death value to false.

Also, put zero in the bandage, wear, rig values and stun. Don’t forget to maximize the flesh value as it will give you access to numerous other advantages. And that is all you need to raise the dead in Kenshi. Was it hard?

Once you load the game after applying this cheat, the characters you manipulated will pop up. If you forget to alter the flesh value, they will rise and start falling immediately.

They won’t know what hit em

The cheat clearly states what it does. Your enemies will not know that hit them. This cheat will save your character from powerful enemies or factions. Any time enemies surround you, you can activate this cheat to slay all of them immediately, and they will not know that hit them, literally.

Applying it is very easy. Start by opening the FCS and load your saved file and look for the NPC character you want to finish. As with other cheats, you ought to alter a particular section of the open files. Open MEDICAL_STATE and modify the values to true. Change the death value to true as well and write 0 in the flesh value.

Unlimited money

This is one of the standards and most utilized cheats that you can find on the Steam workshop. And it does what the term states, gives you access to unlimited money. Once applied, a player gets unlimited cash in their account, which they can utilize to purchase the desired in-game items.

How does one activate this Kenshi cheat?

Begin by opening the FCS and head to “Changes List”, and open your saved file. Open the “camera” and edit the money value to whatever figure you desire. Although a player can put any value they wish, it is recommended that you do not award yourself billions. Doing so could bug the game.

You are probably wondering why the game developer put the money files in the “camera” option. It is still a mystery, and maybe they put it there to hide it from the players that would likely want to edit it to suit their gaming needs.

Double learning rate

A player can achieve this cheat using different mods. However, you can opt for the most straightforward option of enabling it in the FCS. Head to the global game setting and look for the race of your character. Search for the XP stat value and alter the multipliers.

The tweaks you apply to these files will determine the speed of training skills. If you go the FCS way when using the cheat, all NPCs of your character will boost. It is excellent if they are your squadmates, but detrimental when they are a hostile group.

Hang onto the past

The hand onto the past cheat is excellent for players that have created a decent base, strong squad, and an incredible collection of gear and don’t desire to start from the beginning.  Among Kenshi cheats, it is one of the easiest to apply.

All you have to do is input your old base, squad and any other items you had stored in the chest in your base. Even though you will struggle through the game at the start, it saves the restarting hassle.

Instant buddies

Since it is a post-apocalyptic environment, whereby you might meet different factions that quickly turn hostile, having this cheat at your fingertips is one of the essential things. The cheat allows players to change their relationship with any faction.

Start by opening the FCS; load quick.save file, and locate the desired faction. Search for the “relationSID,” with the “204gamedata.base.” All you need is the number that is next to “relationSID.” Note the number and then head back to the list of “relation” values.

Please search for the one that possesses the same number that you noted earlier and alter it to whatever you desire. The recommended range is between 100 and 100. Once activated, open the game, and you will notice that the faction is your biggest fan.

Among the Kenshi cheats mentioned above, which one are you looking forward to applying? You have probably found a solution to a problem in the game you have been struggling to pass. Choose the desired cheat and improve your gaming experience.


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