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The best Noita mods 2021

The best Noita mods

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The gaming universe is diverse and possesses a plethora of games with different experiences. If you are a fan of action-adventure rogue-lite pastimes, then you will love Noita. It is an exciting game set in a magical world whereby every pixel is physically simulated. Players can fight, explore, melt, burn, freeze, and evaporate their way through the procedurally generated world utilizing spells. Noita mods make the game even more engaging and fun.

Although you are likely to enjoy it without mods, why ignore them when they can make everything more fascinating. They are easy to set up and provide a comfortable and straightforward way of improving the game’s quality of life.

What are Noita mods?

If you are an aspiring RPG gamer, you are probably looking for the best Noita mods. However, you must first understand what they represent and how different your gaming experience will be.

A mod is an alteration by players of a video game that changes the gaming experience. It might change how it looks or behaves, and for Noita, it is more about the gameplay and spells you cast. Some mods can create small tweaks while others massive overhauls, making the game more interesting.

How to get mods in Noita

Before embarking on the installation, you probably wonder where you can find the best Noita mods for the tweaks you want to implement. ModWorkshop is perhaps the best source for Noita mods as it is where most creators upload them.

You can also check out Nexus Mods that possesses a sizeable collection. Steam Workshop also contains a fantastic mod collection. You should make sure that whatever platform you utilize, you can easily download and install the desired mod.

How to install Noita mods

Fortunately, Noita is integrated into the Steam Workshop, and the game possesses a manager. Therefore, if you are interested in facilitating an installation, all you have to do is subscribe to the linked mod and enable it from the Noita menu.

If you cannot install the mod using the above process, you can do it in the following way for Windows 10 users:

  1. Download the mod file from a reliable source. It will be a zip file that requires extraction on your computer.
  2. Use the appropriate software to extract the zip file to the desired destination folder. The folder would likely be your Noita mods folder that you can launch by clicking the “mods (experimental) menu button and “open mod folder” at the top right.
  3. Start mod or restart it if it was open during installation.

Keep in mind that you ought to extract the zip file before putting it in the mod folder. Saving it as a zip will not install the desired mod.

How to get Noita mods working

After installing the desired Noita mod and having it in the appropriate folder, you ought to enable it to start using it in your game. You can make it work by using the following simple steps:

  1. Open the game or restart it if it was already open.
  2. Launch the “mods (experimental)” menu.
  3. Locate the mod that you downloaded in the list and click it to activate. Once enabled, it will display an “x” mark on the mod name’s left side.
  4. Start a Noita game as you ordinarily do, and the mod ought to work as long as you installed everything correctly.

Noita mods load according to their order in the menu. Therefore, those on top of the list will load fast, followed by those at the bottom. Of course, you can rearrange to load a specific mod earlier or when trying to figure out if a particular mod is causing problems.

The most remarkable Noita mods

The most remarkable Noita mods

Photo: youtube.com, @FuryForged

Once the game was released, it received immense criticism. However, it was nominated for the best technology in the game developer’s choice awards despite the massive hostile reception. What are the best mods to instal to make it fun and entertaining?

Arcane Alchemy

Arcane Alchemy is one of the best Nod mods. It is for those who love mixing potions to create better magic. This mod gives gamers access to new brews, effects, and fantastic fun. For instance, when you pour a bottle of “Stop Hitting Yourself” on anything, it grows a limb that attacks its host. It is a cool mod that makes the game more enjoyable.

Quality of life

Although the quality-of-life mod brings a small, maybe insignificant alteration to the gaming experience, it is worth it. It is amongst the most-loved Noita mods that adds music to boss fights, introduces new mechanics, and much more. One of the best changes brought by this mod is the closure of the exit to the holy mountain such that enemies cannot reach you.

Noita RP mod

The Noita RP mod adds more appeal to the game by polishing particles and making other things look incredible. Who wouldn’t want some magic visuals in the game? They improve gaming graphics making it a bit more interesting.

Roguelike vision

The roguelike vision mod is an interesting one. Upon installation, you will only have the capability of viewing where you go and not the entire map. This only gives you a few metres of radius from your physical location rather than the whole screen. If you don’t make an effort to go to a particular area, the screen stays dark.

Selectable classes

The selectable classes mod offers gamers a unique experience with starting loadout option. With the selectable classes mod, you don’t have to wander into caves at the beginning of the game. You will get three archetypes that include pyromancer, hunter, and cryomancer.  

Noita enhanced

Noita enhanced adds more content to the game, which is probably what most people are looking for. Even though the mods are grouped, one can actively separate them. The new items include spells, perks, and many more.

Health containers

One of the most demoralizing things about gaming is when a character gets low on juice or vitals. Fortunately, with the health containers mod, all your defeated enemies drop health containers that allow you to restore your life. Isn’t that a fantastic addition to the game? You get to extend your health, which means more time to have more fun.

Anvil of destiny

Anvil of destiny noita mod

Photo: youtube.com, @FuryForged

The anvil of destiny mod allows players to combine wands and create stronger ones. With this mod, players throw wands onto the anvil of destiny and receive one profound wand. This mod perfectly fits the setting and offers players improved stats. Other than that, it is a fun and engaging way of mixing up your fighting style.

Spellbound bundle

Would you like to access more spells in the game? The spellbound bundle does precisely this. It reintroduces old and unused spells making the game’s combat more exciting and engaging.

No-Hit mod

The no-hit mod is a bit different from the others, and it is for risk-takers. Once activated, you ought to avoid getting hit at all costs, as one hit will kill your character. It makes the game more challenging, as staying away from hits is a hard job.

Lukki-spider walk mod

Noita ordinarily possesses the lukki mutation, which is hassle-free and works near walls. Fortunately, the lukki-spider walk mod provides a different angle for the gamers as it eliminates the flight feature. This mod allows players to run along walls and ceilings with a quick movement.

More shops

More shops provide a straightforward tweak to the in-game shop and is something that you ought to try when playing the game. Once installed, you increase your items to six in the two categories.

New weathers

The new weathers mod brings the desired chaos to the calm offered by Noita by default. After installation, the game creates certain natural disasters with an unknown phenomenon. You can have earthquakes, drought, frog plagues, and even locust swarms.

Disable gold

It is quite disheartening when you kill an enemy in Noita, only for the gold to despawn before you can grab it. The disable gold mod gives a player the capability of receiving the gold whenever you conquer and enemy. The gold will never despawn until you have picked it up.

Cheat GUI

Cheat GUI, as the name suggests, is for players looking to cheat. Once installed, you gain access to perks, wands, flasks, and many more whenever you desire.

No worm destruction

This mod removes damage to the world of worms and creepy spiders later in the game, which you will find worth it.

Adaptive cursor distance for gamepad

This is a useful mod as it adjusts the pointer’s distance to make aiming easier. It doesn’t alter your aiming but makes it easier for you to see where your shot is going to land.

Hover gauge near player

This tweak moves the hover gauge back to the player. You will find the mod useful when playing the game, even though it isn’t as helpful as other more effective mods.

The above is the best and most used Noita mods. Applying them in the game would massively improve your gaming experience. Who doesn’t like a more significant challenge and a better gaming environment with advanced features and graphics?


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