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The Forest cheats to use in the game 2021

The Forest cheats to use in the game 2021

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Survival games are all about surviving, making it to the next level while handling complex challenges. The Forest game is excellent at giving someone looking for a fantastic experience, precisely this. However, things can get hard sometimes. Thanks to developers, The Forest cheats allow players to spruce things up. And they apply in either a PC or PS4.

The Forest can be a lonely place, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, one needs a helping hand to survive the horror game. Imagine sKipping the initial plane crash scene to entering God mode and many more.

Once you activate these cheats, you will start enjoying a whole new experience, far from what the custom software offers. What are you waiting for? Choose the desired cheat and alter your game as you want.

How to use cheats in The Forest

Before you start searching online for a list of available cheats for The Forest survival game, it is a great idea to learn how to use it. How can the cheats help you once applied, and how can you apply them in the game? Would you like to know how to enter cheats PS4?

The majority of The Forest cheat codes require the game to put into developer mode. And to do that, you only need to type “developermodeon” on the title screen and press F1. You ought to see a small screen in the top-left. You can start the game once you spot this screen.

Activating The Forest cheats on PC is a bit different from the PlayStation 4 console. All you must do here is type the command on the main menu, and you are done.

You can utilize the same process on the PlayStation 4 console if you have a keyboard plugged in. However, it is more of a legacy than an actual feature, so they might get patched out any time without warning.

The following are the east steps to follow to activate the cheat and use them in the game.

  • Head to the options menu in the game.
  • Click on gameplay and hit the “allow cheats (on)” button.
  • Go back to the main menu and type “developermodeon” to allows console commands to work.
  • As mentioned above, press the F1 button to open or close the console. Press Enter to finalize the process.

Players should recall that they will not receive any notification or confirmations after applying The Forest cheat codes. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not working, as they are instantly activated upon entry.

You might not be able to alter some after you have entered them as specified above without starting a new game.

Necessary commands within the console to remember

Necessary commands within the console to remember The forest

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Now that you have knoeledge of how to enter cheats, you should familiarize yourself with the typical keyboard buttons you will use in the game. The Forest game has numerous controls, which a player ought to keep in mind. The cheat world requires a combination of specific commands to activate whatever cheat you desire. Therefore, it is a good idea to have these letters at your fingertips.

  • Pressing Z toggles the console. You can press the F1 button to turn the console on or off.
  • Players utilize the X button to display the console log and status. However, if you want to turn the console log and status on or off, you can press the F2 button.
  • If you want to display The Forest player stats, you should press C. Press F3 to turn this option off.
  • Gamers can cycle through previous commands by using the up and down arrow keys. Additionally, they can use the led and right arrow keys to make any desired alterations to commands.
  • The “Enter” button is essential for executing a command, and it is what you will press to activate whatever cheat you desire.
  • If you are looking to repeat the same command more than once, press the F1 button, type the command, press Enter, press F, and press the up arrow to return to the same command and apply it again.

Players must get comfortable operating console commands before changing their game to fit their playing style best. Another important thing that players ought to heed is to be very careful when applying any mod or cheat as they can delete saved games or negatively affect your gameplay.

Handy The Forest cheats 

Handy The Forest cheats

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The Forest has a long list of popular commands that players have found useful. They are commonly referred to as developer commands since once has to activate the developer mode for them to work. The following cheat codes are the most used.

  • Additem [item id]

This is a ubiquitous command, and it will add the item with the specified item ID to your character’s inventory. What things can you add? First, you ought to know the item’s code. For instance, if you are looking to add a bomb, you will write [additem 29], which is the bomb’s item code.

  • Spawnanimal (spawnanimal [animal name]

As the command suggests, once applied, it will spawn the desired animal in front of your character. What animals can you generate? These are rabbits, deers, lizards, turtles, tortoises, raccoons, squirrels, and crocodile.

  • Goto (goto [location name/ xyz])

This cheat enables teleportation. Your character will transfer to the location or coordinates that you specify in the command. Amazing.

  • PlaceBuiltObjects (placebuiltobjects [object id] [amount]

Once you have the desired object ID, you can use this awesome cheat or command sequence to position it in front of your character.

  • Buildermode (buildermode [on / off])

If you have ever wanted to enable or disable the builder mode, this is your ideal command. You can activate the cheat by writing down the correct values as specified by the command sequence.

It is important to note that builder mode is off by default, and it is upon you to activate it using this cheat. Once turned on, you will have survival (health and many more) and enemies disabled.

  • Cavelight (cavelight [on/off])

As the cheat’s name suggests, players can enable or disable the cave light. This is one of the integral tools in the game that help in survival. The cheat light ups caves and makes the area as bright as day. The cave light feature is disabled by default in The Forest game.

  • Faststart (faststart [on/off]

If you were looking to disable the plane crash start screen at the beginning of the game, this is the cheat to apply. It allows a player to skip the scene altogether. The plane crash scene is on by default, so this is the simplest way of eliminating it.

  • Godmode (godmode [on / off])

This command acvivates or deactivate God Mode. With God Mode on, it will be difficult for tiyr character to get damaged.

  • Buildhack (buildhack [on/off])

The build hack command allows gamers to turn the feature on and off. What does build hack do in the game? You have probably come across instances that need massive resources for building. With this cheat enabled, players have unlimited resources and instant building.

  • Cancelallghosts (cancelallghosts)

The cancelallghosts command is a blueprint remover. It eliminates all instances of blueprints in the game. In The Forest game, blueprints are termed as ghosts and are building outlines that a player ought to add resources to.

  • Buildallghosts (buildallghosts)

With this code, you can build every blueprint that has been placed in the game. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Add all items (addallitems)

This is a very simple cheat that adds one of each non-story items in the game to your inventory.

  • Addallstoryitems (addallstoryitems)

This command adds one of each story item in the game to your inventory.

  • Itemhack (itemhack [on/off])

If you have been looking for a command to enable and disable itemhack, this is the perfect one as it will do precisely that. Once activated, your items will not run out. A great example is when consuming food. Ordinarily, and with custom game functions, the store depletes. However, with the itemhack cheat enabled, nothing finishes.

  • Survival (survival [on/off])

Indeed, it is a survival game. Therefore, this one of the most important The Forest cheats. When this cheat is off, your character doesn’t get hungry, and the hydration stats don’t affect your gameplay at all. The stats will always read 100%, meaning that your character doesn’t have to eat or drink to survive in the game. The survival feature is always on in the game.

  • Save (save)

Of course, you ought to save your game as often as possible to keep your progress. If you forget this, you might be forced to relive certain unfavourable situations in the game.

  • Speedyrun (speedyrun [on/off])

The speedyrun mode makes a character run very fast, and this cheat allows players to play around with the feature. If you don’t sesire your character to move slowly, turn it on and see them going at high speed. The action is turned off by default in the game.

  • Invisible (invisible [on/off])

As the name suggests, when turned on, your character gains some unique capabilities that, in a way, make them invisible. The character will not be affected by water and camera effects (blood, mud, paint and many more). You will be walking through water and other elements that like they are not there.

  • Killalenemies (killalenemies)

What an exciting name for a cheat code. The amazing cheat will murder all cannibals and mutants alive in the game with a single click of a button. However, the cheat code doesn’t prevent them from respawning, and you must use “enemies off” to facilitate this.

  • Enemies (enemies [on/off])

You can utilize this command to prevent enemies from respawning. When you turn this feature on, all mutants and cannibals that are alive are going to die.

  • Terrainreader (terrainreader [on/off])

Imagine walking in a landless landscape where you appear to be walking on air. With this cheat turned off, you will not see the floor or landscape but will typically be walking as if it is there.

  • Lightingtimeofdayoverride (lightingtimeofdayoverride [off / lighting name])

This cheat allows gamers to play around with the time of day in the game. Even though players override the time of day, it doesn’t alter it. The code affords various options, including morning, noon, sunset, and night. If you set morning during the night, the universe would look as if it were daytime. You can turn it off to return to the game’s defaults.

  • Forcerain (forcerain [weather name])

In the same way that you can alter the time of day, you can use this command to change the weather to whatever you desire. A player can change the weather to light, medium, heavy, cloud, or sunny.

Keep in mind that whatever weather you apply using the cheat code is not permanent as it will revert to the default settings the next time you open the game.

  • Cutdowntrees (cutdowntrees [amount / %])

This cheat code will cut down trees in the Forest. You can specify either an amount or a percentage of the trees you want to cut down.

  • Cutgrass (cutgrass [radius])

The Forest tries to simulate the natural environment, and with this code, you get to trim the grass. Once you enter the desired value in the radius section, you will cut the grass around you.

  • DeviceDebugInformation (devicedebuginformation [on/off])

This cheat code avails debug information of The Forest on the computer or console you are using.

  • toggleCullingGrid (togglecullinggrid [on / off / toggle])

Players can turn on or off the culling grid. You might find this very useful in certain circumstances.

  • Help (help)

What game doesn’t have the help option? Once you activate this command, you get the complete list of commands in the game to the console. You can press F2 to view the console.

  • Clear (clear)

This command allows the player to delete all messages that the console is displaying. It comes in handy when one doesn’t have time to deal with single entries.

  • Showgamestats (showgamestats)

If you are interested in viewing The Forest game’s current statistics on your device, you can use this command to make it possible. The code displays the console log (F2) statistics about your recent game, including kills, deaths, and the number of buildings built.

  • Achievementloglevel (achievementloglevel [log level])

This command allows players to achieve progression without errors. The cheat code sets the level of logging for your achievement in the game. The default setting in The Forest is off.

  • Pmactivestatelabels (pmactivestatelabels [on / off])

This is a fantastic cheat code that enables or disables active state labels. Activate state labels display NPCs’ current state, including animals, enemies, and other characters, overlay above the head. The stock setting for this feature in The Forest game is off.

  • Setdifficultymode (setdifficultymode [difficulty])

As the name suggests, the command alters your game’s difficulty level to whatever state you desire.

  • Setgamemode (setgamemode [game mode])

This Forest cheat allows players to alter the game modes between standard, creative and mod.

  • Veganmode (veganmode [on/off])

When the vegan mode is off, which is the default setting, cannibals and mutants spawn everywhere. Once this has been activated, cannibals and mutants spawn in caves only.

  • Ironforest (iron forest)

One thing to note about this The Forest command is that it is a central menu command, and it should be written in the game’s main menu just like you do when writing “developermodon.”

The iron forest cheat code makes your game’s buildings indestructible. If you are interested in disabling it, you will have to type it once again in the main menu.

  • Meatmode (meatmode)

This another main menu command that players ought to write in the game’s main menu. The meatmode command disables all cheat, which is beneficial to someone looking to start from scratch by getting rid of all modifications. You can disable it by typing meatmode once again into the main menu.

  • Rawmeatmode (rawmeatmode)

This cheat allows players to delete their saves once they die permanently. Since it is a main menu cheat code, you can write it there once again to disable it.

  • Regrowmode (regrowmode)

This is a very interesting The Forest cheat that is enabled in the game’s main menu. Once activated, when your character sleeps, ten per cent of all cut-down trees regrow fully. You can type regrowmode on the main menu to disable the feature.

  • Vegetarianmode (vegetarianmode)

Enabling and disabling this cheat code requires one to type in the main menu similar to the “developermodeon” command. This cheat makes it so that enemies only spawn in caves.

  • Woodpaste (wood paste)

This simple command resets all holes made by the hole cutter or crane, making it a handy feature to activate in The Forest game.

  • Check day (check day)

You can apply this command to print the current day number to the console.

  • Advanced (advanced)

If you want to skip one day ahead, you can use this command to make it possible.

  • Setcurrentday (setcurretnday [day number])

Did you ever know that you can skip to a particular day using a custom command? This cheat code enables precisely this. For instance, you can write any day number, like, 33, and the game will jump to that day.

  • Timescale (timescale [multiplier])

This command alters the speed that the game processes. Numbers above one will make the game seem like it’s in fast forward; numbers below one will make it appear slow. The number you include is a multiplier: 0.5 would be half the average speed, one would be normal speed, two would be two times as fast.

  • Gametimescale (gametimescale [multiplier])

This command operates like the timescale cheat code but with slight differences. It allows players to change the speed for factors like day/night, stats, and the day number.

  • Plantallgardens (plantallgardens)

This code allows gamers to plant seeds in all gardens in The Forest game. Once you activate this command, you will get a log of all gardens in the game.

  • Resetstatsandachievements (resetstatsandachievements)

Gamers can use this command to reset all their statistics and achievements in the game. This way, one can unlock everything once again. Keep in mind that this action is non-recoverable, so ascertain that you are sure about it before proceeding.

  • Clearsavelot (clearsaveslot [mp / sp] [slot #]

Did you know that you can clear a specific single-player or multiplayer save slot? You can do the action using this command. Again, the step is undoable so, make sure that you are deleting the appropriate save.

  • Energyhack (energyhack)

When put in motion, your character has unlimited energy and stamina.

  • Revivelocalplayer (Revivelocalplayer)

Rejuvinates your character in multiplayer if you are not active and have been knocked down.

  • Fakehitplayer (fakehitplayer)

Receive a fake hit without any damage.

  • Setvariationextra [none/jacket]

Remove or add a jacket to the game. It is a simple but very effective cheat that you shouldn’t ignore in The Forest.

  • Add memory (addmemory)

This is a debug cheat utilizedby the developers, and it isn’t recommended that you use it in-game. It makes your game use more memory (to test for memory-related issues).

  • Loadlevel (loadlevel [save number])

Gamers that apply this cheat load the desires save number, so it is upon you to choose what you want to load.

  • Physics30fps (physics30fps [on/off])

If you are looking to improve your game’s performance, you can use this cheat code to reduce the game physics to 30fps. The Forest’s default physics is processed at 60fps, meaning that lowering it to 30 could massively alter the game.

  • Filteraudio (filteraudio)

Applying this command clears the audio path filter.

  • Toggleocclusionculling (toggleocclusionculling)

Applying this cheat code gives fantasic features. Occlusion culling halts models from being rendered when they are not within your view. For instance, trees that are behind your camera are not going to be generated. This will save your game a lot of memory and make things smooth.

The Forest cheats can mess with practically everything in the game’s code. You can activate whatever code you desire to suit your unique circumstances and interests.


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