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The forest Crafting Guide and Recipes 2021

Survival games with the freedom of exploration in an open world and easily understandable progress have become gamers’ favourites. Staying alive and playing by the rules with innumerable customization are integral aspects of the games. Often, people are searching for a hybrid experience that combines various aspects of the gaming universe. The Forest, developed by Endnight Games, is an ideal survivor horror video game that features nonlinear gameplay. Why not check out the Forest crafting guide and recipes to elevate your gaming experience?

If you want to enjoy a survival, ascertain that you can access the best items. Of course, it might take a while learning your way, so starting slow with the most basic things will help you get the hang of the Forest game crafting.

What is The Forest crafting?

Crafting is a critical ability in The Forest as it is the only way that players create a majority of the tools, weapons, armour and consumables to help them persevere in the unfriendly surrounding.

That is the primary reason why gamers ought to be intelligent to utilize all The Forest crafting recipes and locate all elements dispersed all over the map appropriately. Ordinarily, players are expected to consolidate different substances when crafting.

A player places all the important materials in the midst of the inventory by right-clicking separately. Once satisfied that everything is in place, the player right-clicks on a gear that appears underneath the inventory items. This only happens if you have abided by all steps.

The right-clicking action on the gear formulates the coveted item, and right-clicking once more puts the formulated item in your inventory. And that is how crafting The Forest works.

The Forest crafting recipes

Crafting medicine, youtube.com, @SizzleMyNizzles


You are probably wondering how to craft specific items in The Forest survival game. Although it takes a while to learn all the useful tips and tricks, a forest crafting guide would come in handy at the beginning.

Crafting recipes for weapons

The game empowers gamers to craft distinctive defences suitable for various circumstances. What weapon you fancy is solely based on your survival instinct and what you think will work. This is one of the most enjoyable parts. Gamers can formulate their defences of choice; isn’t that fantastic?

Crafted axe

You will need this for cutting trees while in combat. The following items are necessary to create a crafted axe:

  • Stick
  • Rock
  • Rope


You can use this weapon to throw rocks, and you will need the following to create it:

  • Stick
  • Cloth
  • Electrical tape

Crafted bow

The crafted bow is excellent for hunting cannibals. For The Forest bow crafting, you will require the following items:

  • Stick
  • Cloth
  • Rope

Upgraded stick

It is better than the regular stick as it causes more damage. You can locate sticks strewn on the forest floor or harvest from small trees. On the other hand, you can find cloth in suitcases, on the beach and cannibal “clotheslines.” You will need the following to create an upgraded stick:

  • Stick
  • Cloth

Upgraded rock

The upgraded rock in The Forest creates more damage than the regular one, and you will require the following items to craft one:

  • Rock
  • Cloth

Weak spear

A player can use the weak spear as a weapon (left mouse click) and a projectile (right mouse click). The weapon is useful for fishing and hunting. The Forest crafting spear process is relatively easy, and you can use the following items:

  • 2x stick

Upgraded spear

Crafting an upgraded spear, youtube.com, @Esmorga

The upgraded version of the spear allows a player to attack cannibals when they are alone. And you will require the following items:

  • Weak spear
  • 2x cloth
  • 3x bone

Incendiary spear

The incendiary spear is even better than the upgraded version as it can set enemies on fire when used as a weapon or a projectile. You will require the following items to create one:

  • Upgraded spear
  • Cloth
  • Booze

Flintlock pistol

The flintlock pistol is a single-shot weapon that requires old gun ammo. You ought to locate all parts before crafting it.

  • Gun Part 1
  • Gun Part 2
  • Gun Part 3
  • Gun Part 4
  • Gun Part 5
  • Gun Part 6
  • Gun Part 7
  • Gun Part 8

Crafting recipes for weapon upgrades

The forest weapons crafting, youtube.com, @PostersGaming

Upgrades are necessary to make your weapons more effective for specific tasks.

Speed upgrade

A speed upgrade increases the attack speed of the weapon by 0.1 and decreases damage by 0.05. You can apply the upgrade using the following items:

  • Feather
  • Sap
  • Weapon

Damage upgrade

Works differently from speed upgrade as it reduces the attack speed by 0.1 and reduces the weapon’s damage by 0.05. You will require:

  • Teeth
  • Sap
  • Weapon

Damage + upgrade

Increases the damage of the weapon by 0.2 points while decreasing the attack speed by 0.1. Requires:

  • Booze
  • Sap
  • Weapon

Poison upgrade

It offers the player a temporary poison upgrade that wears off after a couple of hits. For crafting, you need:

  • 4x twin berries + weapon or 4x snowberries + weapon or 1x amanita mushroom + weapon or 1x Jack mushroom + weapon

Fire upgrade

The fire upgrade gives players the capability of setting enemies on fire and is crafted using the following items:

  • Cloth
  • Weapon

Fire + upgrade

Give the player the capability of inflicting more damage than the fire upgrade. For crafting, you will require:

  • Cloth
  • Booze
  • Weapon

Flashlight upgrade

With this upgrade, you can attach a flashlight to your weapon. You will require the following:

  • Flashlight
  • Electrical tape
  • A matching weapon

Crafting guide for arrows

An arrow is an essential weapon in The Forest as it helps a player in their quest for survival in the peninsula.

5x regular arrows

This is the most utilized form of an arrow in The Forest, and you will require the following items:

  • 1x stick
  • 5x feathers

5x bone arrows

The 5x bone arrow causes more damage than the regular one. However, it is more expensive, and you can create it using the following items:

  • 1x stick
  • 5x feathers
  • 5x bones

5x poison arrows

The 5x poison arrows apply a poison effect that creates damage over time. It is an excellent weapon as it slows down the enemy, including their attacking speed. You will require:

  • 5x any arrows
  • 4x twin berries or 4x snowberries or 1x amanita mushroom or 1x Jack mushroom

5x fire arrows

These arrows set animals and enemies on fire and should be lit for the fire effect. You can use the following items to craft the 5x fire arrow:

  • 5x any arrow
  • 1x Cloth
  • 1x Booze

Amour crafting

The forest creepy armour, youtube.com, @Broadbent,

Armour provides defensive capabilities in the game, and you can get it in various ways. With the following crafting list The Forest for armour, you can shield yourself effectively.

Lizard skin armour

The lizard armour is the simplest you can use in the game. All you have to do is kill a lizard and skin it. You will require the following to craft the armour:

  • Lizard skin

Stealth armour

Add stealth to your defensive capabilities, and you can use the following items to create the armour:

  • Lizard skin
  • 15x leaf

Warm suit armour

The warm suit armour is useful in cold environments, and you can create it using:

  • Racoon skin
  • 6x deerskin
  • 4x boar skin
  • Rabbit fur
  • 2x rope
  • 2x cloth

Bone armour

The bone armour is more effective than lizard skin armour. Another great thing is that you can wear more than six. You will need:

  • 3x cloth
  • 6x bone

Rabbit for boots

Rabbit boots are crated from rabbit fur to keep you warm as you are improving stealth. It is crated using:

  • 3x rabbit fur
  • 2x rope


Snowholes gives a player the capability of moving fast and effectively on snow. You can craft the armour with:

  • 5x stick
  • 2x rope

Other essential crafting recipes

The Forest crafting gives players various capabilities, and they can come up with innumerable items using different recipes. These are other commonly used and needed crafting items in the game.


You will require 7x cloth for the rope.

Blue paint

Allows you to craft blue paint, and you will need 2x blueberry + sap.

Orange paint

You can easily create this using 2x marigold + sap.

Blue painted weapon

This adds an exciting tweak to your weapons in terms of shade. However, it doesn’t provide any additional benefits to weapon performance. You will need blue paint + plane axe, blue paint + upgraded rock, and blue Paint + upgraded stick.

Repair tool

Allows you to create a tool that used to repair damaged buildings. You can use 2x stick + rock + 2x cloth + 10x sap to create the repair tool

Energy mix

The energy mix is an energy drink that restores energy. You can craft it using chicory and coneflower.

Are you wondering what to craft first in The Forest game? Considering you are in a remote location, preparing a weapon like a bow can be extremely beneficial. Fighting enemies close up, in the beginning, is not a great idea, hence the need for crafting a bow. Fortunately, with The Forest crafting guide, one can learn the ropes and craft more useful things to survive.


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